Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It's a beautiful bridge...

By the time Keily caught up with the Orks, they'd already overrun a Space Marine force sent to interdict them, and were involved in a pretty even dual with some Chaos Space Marines. As the Vendettas screamed overhead, the Orks abandoned the beaten bloody chaos survivors and piled back into their truks in hot pursuit.

"I hope you know what you're doing Keily" growled Big Jon "Cos those Orks look pretty mean, and they're keeping up with us"

"That's kinda the idea Jon" muttered Keily "There's a Nid infestation in the way, we need it gone. If you've got anything better to hit them with than an army of screaming green maniacs, let me hear it now"

"Cut it out with all the negativity!" yelled Strangefruit over the intercom.

The orks tore across into the Tyranid lines, the burnas lighting up their hybrids with customery glee. With the back of the tyranid army broken, and the Orks back to picking fights with the few left crawling, a swiftly timed vendetta swoop finished off the few problem creatures and caught the Orks attention again.

"Nows the part where it get's tricky" muttered Keily "We got Space Wolves in the way now... plus I've heard there are Eldar knocking around."

Not only were Space Wolves waiting for the Orks, but Njal Stormcaller. He was not to be trifled with, and between his storm calling and psychic powers he put most of the Ork force to the sword.

"Strangefruit, get in there and keep those Eldar busy!" yelled Keily

"The only way I have to keep those Eldar busy is to let them shoot holes in me!" Strangefruit cried

"Confuse them then, do your third dog impression"

With a vendetta swooping low over the Eldar position time was bought for the Orks to regroup. Once they are mustered again, Keily will again get their attention, and carry on towards the hive and the prize that resided within...

The above sums up my first four games in the allies campaign. Thus far got a win, a draw, a win, a draw. And thanks go to Yeti's Yell for the movie quote I paraphrased there ;oP

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