Sunday, 13 February 2011

An Entire Legion Of My Best Troops Await Them...

For Tale of Eight Gamers (and Escalation) my Imperial Guard Infantry Company. No close ups, cos they're kinda boring... I just wanted to show what a pain in the arse task I set myself! :-P Just got the officer of this lot and the penal legion squad to do. And you can't imagine how much i'm looking forward to using a colour :-P might just have to do rainbow coloured penal legion to get it out of My system :-P


  1. I sense creative use of photoshop. :oP
    Congrats on the early finish though. May get mine started at some point.

  2. looking good as an army at least :P cant wait to kill them all paint that armour a deeper shade of red

  3. Nobody bleeds in Star Wars... well, apart from that one arm which technically should have been a cauterised wound anyway... but no storm troopers bleed in star wars :oP


    those look great! never thought of that idea haha.

    if you want colour, you can do a bit of camo on your veterans or scouts or somthing, like some stormtroopers. (I think)

  5. Thanks COTBT

    For colour I have (in the total 2000 point army I'm building towards) a couple squads of penal legion, painted as rebel scum naturally... a couple of squads of the emperors guard (veterans) and while you can't really call it colour at least it's not white... three AT-STs, an AT-AT and a squad of speeder bikes. Plus three characters and a couple of objectives.

    I'll get some better pics up at some point, I still have to do the bases on these guys but then I plan to take them round to my friend who has a shiny super duper digital camera and get some pics. And for future submissions I have Firewasp always nagging me to get a better camera :oP

  6. Ohh atsts. how appropriate.
    can't wait to see!

    what do the speeder bikes count as? and ATAT?

    I use a canon G-11. I heartily endorse it.
    very easy to use software and camera :)
    please check out my new blog too if you haven't already. steel legion army.

  7. Speeder Bikes are Rough Riders, and the AT-AT is a vendetta... I know, a bit of a leap from walker to faast skimmer. But the conversion is using a valkyrie kit as the body, the same size base, roughly the same height. The fast rule allows me to fire all three lascannons as I advance implacably upon my foe - so long as I don't break character and turbo boost the thing it should be fine :oP