Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Battle Report

Tonight I played a game against a Valhallen player... so thought it only right that i should take my snow based Ork army :oP

We played sieze ground dawn of war. I had first deployment, and I hunkered a squad of boyz in a bunker on an objective while my bikes and wazzdakka took the centre ground to pen the enemy firepower back. My opponent siezed the initiative and rolled on and took up firing positions against my bikers... with a searchlight and a withering hail of fire I was down to two bikes and Wazzdakka before my first turn even began. Knowing they were now little more than a forlorn hope I split Wazzdakka from the unit and put them right in front of the guns to distract my opponent as much as possible while the rest of my army played catchup.

The firepower was quite telling against my forces but then turn two I pulled things back as Boss Snikrot led some Kommandos into the enemy rear. A good charge took out two squads, a command squad and a heavy weapon squad. They then caused a merry distraction for my opponent as my army crashed into his front. One of my battlewagons had immobilised itself but it was sat next to the objective carrying twenty boyz so no harm there. The other dropped twenty boyz in place to attack a 3 squad infantry blob and heavy weapon squad, with deffkopta support, whilst snikrot and co cleared the last scoring unit from my left flank. With me holding two objectives and nearest to the building holding a third (considering the one on my opponents right flank his, with two squads and several armoured vehicles in my way...) The boyz and deffkoptas got locked in longer than I planned as a commissar first held the unit in check, and THEN fought on alone. How irritating! But I cleared him in the end.

My opponent then took to firing at my boyz unit with gusto. He managed to take it down to 5 left, but they passed the morale check and carried on. He also saw off snikrot and sent the deffkoptas fleeing, though the koptas rallied. He was also moving an infantry unit in towards the objective he needed to tie-game.

My grot riggers finally fixed the immobilised truk, and the burna boyz and warboss were on the way again. Admittedly it was my tactical mistake to leave them stranded so long, though they had a welcome diversion in seeing off an outflanking stormtrooper squad. I didn't think I'd fail THAT many grot rigger rolls in a row before finally getting the thing working again! They then rushed to catch up.

With me sitting pretty on two at the start of turn 5 my opponent got some good difficult terrain and run rolls to tie the score. So it came to my turn but a poor difficult terrain roll meant I wouldn't be able to assault. Loota fire did nothing, so out of desperation my four boyz fired their sluggas. Three hits. Three wounds. Three dead. Morale check - he failed and ran! I would win if there wasn't another turn!

Inevitably there was. And he pounded my orks on the objective in a merciless fashion. There were only four left by the end of the shooting phase, and only my nob from the other squad. Both passed their morale checks. In my turn the truk drove in and got rid of the enemy command squad, whilst the deffkoptas put themselves in front of the enemy guns should there be a turn 7. Fortunately there wasn't, as I don't think it would have been too hard a task for my opponent to finish off the two units I had on the exposed objectives, leaving me with a very long shot to try to force two failed morale checks on his units garrisoning his own objectives. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

A good game and very tense. Snikrot playing merry hell among the enemy backline won this game for me. I should use him more often! :oP


  1. You'll be glad he didn't have a pysker battle squad to see off wazdakka and co.
    Scratch another win for you then :P. Sounds like you had a bit of a lucky break towards the end though. Although your opponent was semi lucky to seize the initiative.

  2. Wazzdakka and "co" (what was left of them!) were so thinned out by that point that I just used them as a distraction. Them being gone wouldn't have been too much worse. I can't believe the amount of 4+ saves I failed on those bikes though. I lost at least three to lasgun fire! I remember one was three hits, need 6s... oh, two sixes, ok need 4s... two dead bikers.

    And yeah him siezing the initiative gave him a major advantage. He got to pound the hell out fo my bikers instead of them having turbo boosted to a better position with a better cover save. It also meant that once the rest of my army rolled on, his next turn of shooting was to full effect - meaning I didn't get the benefit of night fight at all really!

    And whilst my luck picked up with that late break it wasn't so good with my grot riggers. 4+ to fix a vehicle. Between 3 vehicles, over the course of the game, I passed just once out of eight attempts. That kept a warboss and a squad of burnas out of the game till very late - admittedly I could have got out and walked and with hindsight it owuld have been quicker, but who'd have thought it would take three turns for the truk to pass a 4+?!?

  3. Going first is a double edged sword in objective games though, gives you a chance to pound the enemy, but you lose the opportunity to sneak onto the objectives at the last minute.

  4. If I'd had the first turn I wouldn't have had to worry about sneaking anywhere :oP