Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Phase One Assembled

Ok, finally assembled all I need for phase one of the inaccurately named Tale Of Four Gamers i'm about to run (7 confirmed 2 maybes...) Phew!

So, all I have to do is paint this lot, and towards the end of the challenge do the same amount again... Not to mention converting a squad of rough riders and two squads of veterans - the vets requiring a fair amount of green stuff, and the rough riders requiring... Plasti-card and inspiration maybe :-P

But hey at least phase one is built... Now all I need to do is sand the bases and undercoat them ready to start on the 31st.


  1. thats a nice lot of models for the first phase. how did you make the bases to hold the ten man squads?

  2. A friend of mine had those when he was trying to use daemons he'd built for 40k in games of fantasy - that way they could rank up. In the end he never really played 40k with them so has decided to rebase them, so he had some of those 10 man base trays going spare, so I gladly took them.

    I had been thinking I'd have to find out where he got them from so I could get enough for the rest of the army (though would only need 8 spaces on each once the heavy weapon teams were accounted for) when I discovered Lord of the Ring movement trays from Games Workshop fit 40k bases fine. With the models being different scales I'd made an incorrect assumption about the base sizes too. And LotR bases hold 8, and are quite cheap for a bag of three of them. So I now have enough for the entire army.

    Admittedly, it does make them more vulnerable to blast weapons putting them so close together, but I plan to take this army to a tournament and this will prove such a time saver in the movement phase I think it will be worth it.

  3. Oh, that was easy enough - ebay search for "daemon movement tray" has come up with this beauty


    Hope this helps :o)

  4. Looks like a bit of a mission there Ginge, at least it's a two month schedule this time round. I may even have a bit of a chance to accomplish the painting side of things this time.
    Is it just me though, or is the black coated fellow at the front a little bigger then the standard guardsmen?

  5. @Drax - phase 4 is pretty much the same again, just different weapons :oP

    @Firewasp - the black coated fellow is in the penal legion squad, one of the captured rebel scum. He's slightly larger cos he's a wookie :oP Have crafted a variety for the penal legion squad, including a Tau (thinking he looks kinda like a Bothan spy) a couple to look like rebel troopers, a couple rebel pilots, a hoth trooper, a couple of catachans that I guess I should do as Endor troops...

    Good luck with your lot, hopefully with double the time you won't fall behind as much this time as last, plus with a larger field of competitors you have more rivals who could also slip :oP