Monday, 24 January 2011

Background... Allies Campaign

As enemy forces advanced on his position through the driving rain, Keily made his escape back to the new Imperial lines. He'd lost his prisoner somewhere while fleeing - that wasn't his problem now though. The information he'd wheedled out of the the lil blue freak with nothing more than amasec was impressive - as a race the tau couldn't seem to hold their liquor, and Private Keily took complete advantage of that. Now to make use of that information. Not for the immortal emperor, nor for the good of the blessed Imperium. This time Keily was looking after number one.

This is just some background info I'm coming up with for an interesting allies campaign that my local GW is running. I may have plagiarised a little bit here, but I'd prefer to call it pop culture references... :oP

With a couple of weeks of R&R for his squad, private Keily knew now was the time. The rest of the lads were up for it. Keily had come up with a cunning plan. With an Ork warband rolling in roughly the right direction anyway, it wouldn't take much to try to tease and coax them onto the exact heading required. They'd then let the Orks keep the defenders busy whilst they nipped in and pulled off the heist of the century. They'd all be rich men, and the loss would be assumed to be spoils of war captured by the enemy. The perfect crime. Staff sergeant Blackjack was in, all that was left was to convince master sergeant Big Jon.

"We'll still need transportation" muttered Keily

"I think I might have an idea for that" said Blackjack thoughtfully "A guy I know, used to drive Leman Russes but swapped for Vendettas - says he likes to be able to get out of trouble as quickly as he gets into it"

"Sounds like a sensible man" admitted Keily "He could be what we need"

"Yo Strangefruit" yelled Blackjack "We got a proposition for ya..."

Woof Woof Woof


  1. The only way I got to keep those Hammerheads busy is to let them shoot holes in me...