Friday, 31 December 2010

A year in Statistics...

So this year I kept a tally of the games of 40k and fantasy I played. I wasn't particularly planning to do anything with it, it was out of idle curiosity. As we've come to the years end, I decided just to sort through and tot up some totals for the interest of myself and some friends. It's looking at it like this that makes the whole rigmarole worthwhile throughout the year! :oP

So, basics. I played 75 games of 40k or fantasy last year. Some were competitive, most were friendly. Some were apocalyptic, and some mere combat patrols. Most were with my own army, but I occassionally borrowed someone elses, and in an interesting fun tourney came up with a dreamteam comprising Orks, Guard and Nids! It's been an interesting year I'll give it that!

Of those 75, I've won 41, drawn 12 and lost 22. After so many years of being the poor guy in the corner who, bless him, brought GUARD of all things week in week out, and duly got his backside kicked - well, suffice to say this win record is unprecedented for me, and I am somewhat proud of it! I even managed a 16 game undefeated streak, and an 11 game winning streak!

Breaking it down into 40k and fantasy, I find where I have more talent/luck/bribe money* (delete as applicable) I played only 19 games of fantasy, yet just over half of them (10) were losses, along with 4 draws and a mere 5 wins. This of course did leave the 40k stats looking all the better. Of 56 games, I had 36 wins, 8 draws, and 12 losses. And yes, that is where the 16 game undefeated streak came from by the looks of it!

Looking deeper and comparing my two main armies of Guard and Orks, I discovered a shocking and indeed troubling fact - I got in more games with my orks than guard this year! However, given at the start of the year the Orks were being built up as part of a Tale of Four Gamers and were then part of a campaign and taken to a tournament, I suppose I can forgive them. This year I have already planned to do Guard for tale of four gamers, ready in time for a tournament, so they should get some more love. This decision was made before this discovery was made I will say now though! :oP

I did have more success with the Orks, winning 19 of 28, whilst suffering only 5 losses and 4 draws. They established an undefeated streak of 17 games! The guard managed to win 13 of 23, drawing 4 and losing 6. They didn't get up much of a streak though, only managing to remain undefeated for 6 games at most!

Oh, and in case you're wondering why I didn't mention the undefeated streak for fantasy, it's cos it's a measly three... which matched my losing streak for fantasy! So not a good year for the swords and shields!

And finally on to personal friends. Chris went from being my nemesis last year (whose plague marines I just could not touch, in every sense of the word) to being a bit of a whipping boy this year as he switched to guard. My knowledge of that army allowed me to pick him apart on 6 out of 7 occassions, with him clinging to some pride with a solitary victory to deny me inflicting pool-hall rules punishment on him. Ken and I also played 7 games, and he seems to have slipped from being a permanent annoyance into being someone more manageable, with 5 wins out of 7 (1 loss and 1 draw accounting for the other results.) I've played far less games against Nige than I realised this year, only facing him 4 times. I scored 2 victories a loss and a draw there. Have to get more games in against him next year. And then there's Rich. He complains that he has bad luck against me, that I always cause him problems... well the statistics tell the lie of that! Of 14 games I won a mere 3! And no, we aren't well matched opponents who regularly draw - there were no draws. He beat me 11 times out of 14! And some of them were rather irritating ones, such as the recent Tau that managed to pass 4 armour saves to hold my squad in combat away from the objective, gifting Rich the game. It's not like I can look for ways to raise my game against him, he just seems to be my nemesis - whether it's my Stompa refusing to turn up and face him, or a man who can survive getting run over by a deff rolla 5 times, or genestealers that break from Ld10, run through dangerous terrain and lose enough of their numbers not to rally... my point is something uncanny always seems to happen in his games against me to bely the odds. I don't see that ending any time soon!

Anyway, this post is a little dry, so will hopefully replace it with something better soon. But it may be of interest to the people mentioned, so I'll post it anyway :oP

Hope your 2010 was as good as mine, hope your 2011 looks better than mine does :oP


  1. Hey nice one. 75 games in one year is pretty good, I probably got around 50. It was the same with me, I use to be the loser with my IG but after the new codex came out things changed drastically! Have a Happy New Year then :)

  2. I was quite surprised I'd averaged more than a game a week, nearly a game and a half a week, especially given most of the year I was working a shift pattern that only let me go to my weekly games club half the time! Must have made up for it in the weeks I couldn't go :oP

  3. On the plus side i dont hink i have ever had a game against you that i didnt enjoy. Not just for the victories, which i didnt realise was so much in my favour but because you always challenge me and make it a decent fight. I will always enjoy a close game thats won or lost on the result of say 1 combat over a game that by turn 3 you can see a clear winner and the last few turns are damage control. The thing i love about or gaming group is i get to teach newer players to make them better and that means i get better opponents and so better games, but at the same time we have vets like you and dan who always challenge me and make me a better player. You can never stop learning with this hobby and my biggest challenge at the moment is playing with no list tailoring, this is when you really need some tactics and in my opinion the way pick up games should be fought, write your list before you know your opponent. Balance is my word of 2011

  4. That was rather zen like of you Rich, particularly that last line :oP

  5. I hadn't even realised I had lost that many games to you. Most of them were quite close I thought, with the exception of two. The draw however was your remaining four nobz legging it for their lives from the majority of my Tau army on a turn five ending :(.

    The unfortunate thing is with the new guard codex, they do everything the Tau do, pretty much, and for less points. I'll have to try and get a few more practice games in with my Tau this year. see if i can give you a better run for your money.

  6. and yet ginge still has trouble against my Tau lol, although they are some of the closest games ive ever had. Guard are basically what they should be more, a numberless horde of guardsmen backed up by some of the best tanks in 40k, if you want to blow a big hole somewhere in a battle line, guards your man(men). well at least until tau get redone mwahaha

  7. I don't have trouble with Tau I have trouble with you! Whether it be passing a stupid amount of armour saves or me failing critical break tests or whatever, something always goes wrong ;oP

    Having said that I do think Tau were designed to kill Guard when they first came out. Guard strength was tanks, you had best tank busters in the game. Your men could shoot further than we could, killing on 2s. When we eventually move into range (assuming we make it that far) we're wounding on 4s and you save on the same. Everyone facing a Tau army knew their best bet was to assault it - a much more welcome thing for a blood angels player to hear than a guardsman. The new codex gave guard a leg up over Tau, I imagine when they're redone they'll be back to kicking guards arse. Everyone will know they have to assault them, but guard won't be nearly so well equipped to do that as dark eldar, space wolves etc (understandably so)