Sunday, 12 December 2010

Let's go round again...

Looks like my Winds of War 10 force will get another outing!

My local GW are hosting a small tournament a week tomorrow, and having a fair amount of free time at the moment I've decided I'll pop along to it. I decided to take my 500 point combat patrol from last years winds of war out for a spin. However, this time it's 600 points... so I have 100 (technically 105 cos winds of war 10 I had 495 points) to spend.

Now I was wondering what I could put in that would still fit the theme of my force when I learned that it's not using combat patrol rules... So technically someone could turn up with a land raider. I have nothing in my force that could do more than tickle that, so that kinda forces my hand with those last few points. Especially as I now have to follow a standard FOC - I need an HQ choice.

As it is I've squeazed in a command squad with melta guns and a power fist, and transferred the storm troopers chimera to them. Their job will be to deal with any tanks the rest of my fluffy force can't handle. This also only gives me 5 figures to paint in the next week. I can manage that!

With a bit more time, and maybe a slightly higher points allowance (750 perhaps) I'd have loved to put a valkyrie in this force... heavily converted naturally, with the wings bent upwards and rocket pods on the wing tips - something like this really.

Maybe I will expand this force in the future to include a valkyrie, but I know I was struggling to stretch the ideas to 500 points in the first place (hence borrowing penal legion, effectively from Alien 3, to bolster my forces) so think I will only do that if a specific 750 point tournament comes up.


  1. Awesome! Just found out it's soft scored! Now I've no regrets about taking my kinda fluffy but really proud of how it looks army :oD

  2. shock news, gw tourneyruns soft scores. :-P
    glad you get a second outing for your army though.

  3. I've been keeping an eye open for any combat patrol events but haven't seen many - most that do small tourneys do 750 singles standard FOC. But I do keep an eye out in case we get the chance to take either of our fancy winds of war forces out again :o)