Monday, 6 December 2010

Armoured Might

So been doing some more painting recently, and finally picked up this lot that have been sat base coated for oh 18 months or more...

A basilisk, 4 chimera and a chimera with a raised roof for ogryns. Still got a bunch more tanks that are either unpainted or in the wrong colour scheme (second hand) but this bulks out the amount of vehicles in the right colour scheme giving my army somewhat more consistency. Which is good.


  1. bloody tanks, at least these dont fly

  2. No, but now these are painted the next list I run against you might just be ten or more chimeras on the other side of the board :oP

  3. Well when you have 50,000 odd points of guard or so I'd expect a little variety in your lists :-P

  4. Heeeey... that's wild and outrageous slander! You know full well it's only about half that! :oP

  5. Scary number of points there Ginge.

  6. The guy down the local GW was telling me they're running an apoc game just before new years, that they're trying to get the most forces ever in one game.

    I casually remarked "Well I suppose I could dust off the baneblades for that"

    "Plural?" he says (he's fairly new, so doesn't know me that well)

    "eight" I say. "And an ork one, but eight imperial"


    *Staff members eyes boggle - I've only ever seen this in rats before*

    He stammers "p-p-please come..." :oP

    And I didn't even mention the points total :oP

    I think if I was gonna go to this I'd have to recruit a small group of commanders to take with me and help command (keep an eye on) my forces.

  7. Love to be able to help out might even have the opportunity if you let me know the when's and where's.

  8. I'll find out for sure... it's in the days running up to new years, and it'd be at the workshop one assumes. Will check out more details tomorrow...