Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The FIrst heretic - Spoiler Alert

I am not going to say much about this book, despite the warning above. Like most Heresey books it fleshes out the background of the Great Crusade, and I was utterly absorbed throughout. It is a thoroughly enjoyable read and hard to put down. I would recommend it to any Horus Heresy fan.

Now, that spoiler...

Just in case you're ignoring the warnings and reading this anyway, I am still going to be vague. But in this book the author takes a character through a series of visions. It is a vision of the scattering of the primarchs. It is a vision of ten of those primarchs coming to rest on their home worlds. The character did not know why he wasn't shown the fate of all the pods, merely ten of them - though as the reader you are free to assume the ones that chaos has their tenacious claws in are being shown. The ones that will fall to chaos. But no, there were only nine traitor legions I hear you say, so my theory must be false.

Well, from the vague descriptions given of each resting place and the contents of the pod, it is fairly clear that the primarchs revealed are, in no particular order; Horus, Lorgar, Angron, Konrad Curze, Magnus the Red, Alpharius and Omegon, Fulgrim, Mortarion, Perturabo and Lion El Jonson. Yet again that old debate about the loyalty of the Dark Angels will be fired up among my crowd. I'm firmly on the side that the Lion was at best waiting to see who won so he could join their side, and at worst was a secret traitor, waylaid by his own loyalists, but successfully covered it up. I am so very eagerly awaiting the final part of the Dark Angels part of the Horus Heresy series.

Anyway, overall a good book and well worth reading.


  1. Cough, Fulgrim, cough.
    Although Fulgrim was poisoned by a deamon weapon that eventually possessed him. So wouldn't necessarily have had to have been exposed to chaos to start with I suppose.

  2. Oops, sorry. He was on the list originally in my head, and he was watched. I just accidentally missed it off when making this blog post. I've edited the original post to add him to the list (though earlier I had said ten pods, and my list consisted of only 9, so how I didn't spot it myself I don't know!)

  3. Probably because you counted Alpharius and Omegon as 2 pods :-P

  4. No definitely didn't, deliberately counted them as one. Just missed Fulgrim :oP