Sunday, 24 October 2010

I hate resin!

So with several elastic bands holding the tail booms in place, I have no idea if they've stuck well, though the resin weapon mounts I put on the wings seemed to stick fine. No where it does not seem to want to work is anywhere I have to stick resin to resin. There I can think it's holding, I can leave it a couple hours to be sure, I come back later and move the model slightly... And bits fall off!

Trying my hand at pinning one bit now. Was gonna pin the bigger parts anyway but right now it looks like if I want a tail fin to stay in place i'm gonna have to pin it, which seems a bit excessive! Any tips anyone?


  1. Hate resin, love forge world stuff though. I never seem to have had as much trouble as you have for working with resin.

  2. For large resin pieces, I usually use two-part epoxy.

  3. have you tried to score the surfaces your gluing? works with most other forms of gluing so dont see why it wouldnt help with resin, make sure you do them opposites though or has no effect but the extra texture might give you the grip its been missing. Im going ot have the same trouble when I redo my warmachine army with the plastic they use its more resin than GW plastic like, you cant even use poly glue coz it doesnt melt lol

  4. Will give some of these things a try. For the bigger pieces I understand it, but for the little tail fins (that already have guide lumps anyway) it seems excessive!

    And thanks for the warning about Warmachine Rich, it never appealed to me anyway but learning that their basic models are as much fun to deal with as forge world? There's a ginge shaped hole in that warmachine salesmans door! :oP

  5. Loctite Gel Glue - we appear to have a happy ending! :o)

    I'll do a post with pics once I start painting the bloody thing. Probably gonna stick it's sister ship together first though...