Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Winds of War - Land Speeder

Next year ken and I are attending Winds of War at Bracknell Forest Gamers. We plan to do a Halo theme, and this is the first model produced - one Ghost shaped Land Speeder. It's armed with Heavy Bolter, and while they aren't necessary for the tournament I also magnetised a pair of missile launchers.

I still have to make another one of these, and for that I will take step by step pictures and write up a tutorial, both for ken to follow and any other interested parties. More on this project to follow...


  1. probably help if you turned on the light before taking the photo. :)
    from what I can tell looks good. look forward to seeing the real thing.

  2. The light was on and the pic I took with flash was flashed out :oP really I need to take a picture in daylight, which is what I plan to do with the tutorial.

  3. get a thin sheet of paper and hold it in front of the flash, helps disperse the light.
    does look pretty neat though.

  4. Might try that actually.

    I'm happy with how the model looks, it all fits together smoothly and looks the right sort of shape for the ghost while being the right sort of size for a land speeder.