Monday, 6 September 2010

Escalation 2010

So, Ken twisted my arm a little and we now have tickets for Escalation 2010, an event held by Bracknell Forest Gamers My plan had been to do a guard army for this, though with getting married and moving house and what have you, there is no way I can complete this army in time. So, that's on the project board for next year - in the meantime I'm gonna take my Tale of Four Gamers Ork army for this year.

I'll be using mostly what I've already painted. I need to paint up a few more boyz, a few deffkoptas, and I WANT to paint up some different objectives for an amusing little theme for them, but more on that when I have some models to show. In the meantime, to the list!

Round 1
20 Boyz inc Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole – 160
10 Lootas (1 Mek) – 150
10 Burnas – 150
10 Gretchin 1 Runtherd – 40

Some good firepower, a couple of scoring units, and burnas to draw my opponents attention from said scoring units.

Round 2

Wazzdakka Gutsmek – 180
10 Boyz inc Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole – 100
Dedicated transport – Truk red paint, ram, boarding plank and armour plates – 60
10 Boyz inc Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole – 100
Dedicated transport – Truk red paint, ram, boarding plank and armour plates – 60

Some mobility to the list along with a couple more scoring units. I tend to take mobs of 12 in truks but with trying to get exactly 500 points a time 12 boyz at 6 points each just provides a real headache! Wazzdakka will turbo boost around tank hunting for me, hoping his 3++ save and T6 will keep him safe.

Round 3

11 Warbikers inc Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole – 315
Looted Wagon, ard case, red paint, grots, stikbombs and big shoota – 65
Battlewagon, ram, red paint, grots, stikbombs, 2 big shootas – 120

In round 3 Wazzdakkas mates turn up to give me a highly mobile and tough scoring unit. The looted Wagon can potentially take a unit where they need to be or hold aunit with slightly better protection on a home objective. And the battlewagon lets the boyz from round 1 finally mount up!

Round 4

20 Boyz inc Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole – 160
Battlewagon, deffrolla, red paint, grots, stikbombs, 2 big shootas – 135
4 Deffkoptas, 4 twin linked rokkit launchas, 1 buzzsaw – 205

And finally in round 4 some more boyz come rolling in with their own wagon, and some deffoptas round out the points.

Anyway, that's my army. With less than 6 weeks to paint 12 boyz, 3 deffkoptas and a couple objectives, I should be able to manage it. Provided I don't get distracted by something shiny... like the stuff Ken and I are working on for Winds of War 11, also at BFG... I'd better not tell you about that yet, otherwise I'll end up working on that project instead! :oP


  1. Good luck with this! For some reason I get BFG emails, and I love the look of the Escalation!

    - D.

  2. I was thinking of changing my first 500 part slightly, swap the deathrains (TL Missile pod / flamer) out for some firestorms (missile pod / burst cannon/ multitracker) to give a bit of extra flexibility.

  3. @Drax - Sorry I did post a reply to your comment but it appears to have disappeared :o/

    We went to Winds of War and it was a fun tournament and well organised. Our friend (the one who talked us into going to Winds of War) went to Escalation 09 and said it was good fun. And most conveniently Bracknell is about halfway between where I live and where Firewasp lives - giving us a chance to meet up for some wargaming with a shorter drive for both of us!

    I'd recommend you give one of their events a try if you have the time or are in the locality.

    @Firewasp - sounds good to me... I very rarely see you use flamers anyway, I guess by the time it get's to that range you're already in pretty deep sh...ugar :oP

  4. Pretty much, the flamers are there as a cheap third hard point filler of the suits. The Firestorms are slightly more expensive, however in the higher point games, I'll have markerlight support, so the twinlinked won't be as necessary