Sunday, 26 September 2010

Boombunnies of Khorne

A few of you will have seen this scenario already, but got into a conversation with another blogger about squig based scenarios and so am posting this for his benefit. It's a scenario I came up with a little while ago hoping to do an Easter weekend apocalypse game, but in the end I couldn't organise the game in time, so it went on the back burner (maybe next year :oP)

Anyway, to the scenario...

Apoc Scenario: Warp Rift Rabbits


War is raging on a world. The armies mass for titanic battles. The rage and hatred finds a weak spot, and tears a small hole in the fabric of reality through to a dimension of pure rage. A dimension of violence and hatred. A dimension, of the most vicious ill tempered rodents you ever heard of...

Battle is joined for the fate of the planet. But a deadly foe divides the forces. Can the armies control the warp rift and deny their enemies an exotic is somewhat risky biological weapon? Or will yet another land become overrun with...BOOMBUNNIES OF KHORNE!

Basic Rules

Apoc mission with some fifth edition modifications.

Use standard rules for which units count as scoring. Only units above half strength will count unless a strategic asset dictates otherwise.

Standard bidding procedure, however the losing side WILL have the opportunity to sieze the

Deployment will be standard apoc. The warp rift will be in the direct centre of the battlefield, and
will count as both neutral objectives. As such it is a vital objective (worth 2) and cannot be corrupted and despoiled.

Any psyker within 6” of the warp rift gains +3str to any str based psychic power, up to a maximum of 10. However, ANY roll of a double will trigger a perils of the warp attack. Any item that lets a psyker roll additional dice and discard/reroll can be used to avoid this fate.

At the start of the game there will be d6 Boombunnies deployed from the warp rift. An additional d3 Boombunnies will appear every player turn. The details for Boombunnies are given below.

Standard apoc scenario for game length, though estimate 4 turns per side.

Boombunnies of Khorne – cos even blood gods have a sense of humour.

Aeons ago a verdant world was full of happy smiling woodland creatures. It was like something from a disney movie, without the vomit inducing songs. One species rose to dominance at the expense of the others. The planet was overrun with a subspecies of rabbit. Of course, no sentient species lived there, so no one cared. Then the eye of terror erupted into existence, and swallowed the world.

Tzeentch looked upon the world, and decided he couldn’t make the creatures look any more
ridiculous than they already do. Coming from a god whose greater daemon tends to look like big bird, that’s saying something...

Slaneesh looked at the world, and decided that the idea of linking sex to rabbits was a bit of a

Nurgle looked upon the world, and saw much that he could corrupt among those white cotton clouds and white cotton tails...

Unfortunately he was beaten to it by Khorne, who didn’t go in for all this looking and thinking
malarkey... not when you could hurl yourself into battle with an axe in each hand and a bloodthirsty scream on your lips.

After the first couple of hours and million or so dead rabbits, Khorne paused. There were no worthy adversaries here. The creatures had very little blood to spill, and the fur soaked most of it up. They could also breed quicker than he could kill them. He’d be here for an eternity. Khrone then had an idea. It is believed it was his second. Ever. He took the harmless, timid, easily confused creatures, and imparted some of his rage to them. They were now occassionally timid, certainly easily confused and startled, but also extremely angry! Khorne gazed across the fields of his influence, as the little blighters got so irritated with each other, they fought, and would get so enraged they would swell up with sheer fury and pop. Khorne found this hilarious, and watched for quite a spell.

Boombunnies of Khorne – special rules

_5____0___4___4____1___9___D6__10___4+ inv

Boombunnies are Monstrous Creatures and are Fearless.

Every turn each Boombunny moves 2D6” in a random direction. Any unit it makes contact with it counts as having charged. This also applies to any unit contacted by an irritated boombunny reaction roll.

The soldiers quickly learned that these rabbits are not to be trifled with. When ordered to engage the creatures, unless the soldiers feel they are in iminent danger anyway, will tend to make only enough of an attempt to keep their superiors happy, whilst hoping not to attract the attention of the beast itself.

When shot from more than 12” away the creatures inv save becomes 2+ to reflect the fact that the soldiers are aiming in it’s general direction but actually hoping to miss.

The creature responds to loud noises, and can be unpredictable. Their reactions vary from trying to hide, or flee, to charging headlong at it’s percieved aggressors, right up to the extreme reaction of being so enraged as to physically explode!

Whenever a loud noise occurs within 12” the beast will react in an unpredictable manner. Loud
noise could be a unit opening fire or a vehicle driving past. If a beast wanders within range of a
vehicle, assume the engine is idling, and it will only attract the creatures attention if it moves or
fires. Weapons with the sniper rule do not attract the beasts attention, as they are presumed to be silenced.

Resolve the movement, or shooting, before making the beast reaction roll. If the beast has to make a save, add +1 to the result. If it has been wounded by a psychic attack, add an additional +1 to the result. (The khornate hatred of magics!) Assuming the beast hasn’t been killed in the attack, roll on the beast reaction table below.

2D6 - Reaction
2/3 - Cower. Digs down for a 2+ cover save.
4/5 - Panic. Runs 2D6 in a random direction.
6/8 - Charge. Charge 12” at source of irritation.
9 - Poof. Small blast centred on bunny. Str D
10 - Pop. Large blast centred on bunny. Str D
11 - Bang. 7” blast centred on bunny. Str D
12 - Boom. 10” blast centred on bunny. Str D

In death, the bunny is still a threat. Often the rage explodes from the bunny. If not that, the smell of the carcass is unbearable. Furthermore, they sometimes head back to the big bunny field in the warp... and that is not a place a mortal would wish to follow them to.

If a boombunny is killed, whether in combat or from shooting, roll on the following table and apply the result.

1 - The Boombunny goes back to boombunny heaven. Place a vortex grenade template where the bunny died. This follows the rules for vortexes from the next player turn.
2 - The bunny deflates, and releases a god-awful smell. Any unit in base contact must immediately retreat as if they’d failed a morale test, even if Fearless. The unit regroups automatically once the fallback move is complete.
3 - Apply the Poof result from the irritated bunny reaction table.
4 - Apply the Pop result from the irritated bunny reaction table.
5 - Apply the Bang result from the irritated bunny reaction table.
6 - Apply the Boom result from the irritated bunny reaction table.

Many forces have an interest in this world. Some for the side of good, some for disorder, whilst
others... well you never can tell can you?

Armies will be put on certain teams, and depending on how many players we get for each side,
the “neutrals” can be assigned to a team.

Forces of Good
Space Marines (and all variant chapters)
Imperial Guard


Forces of Disorder
Chaos Space Marine
Chaos Daemons
Dark Eldar*

*These armies will not be on the same side... if there is a dark eldar player then the eldar will help the imperium. If there isn’t a dark eldar player, the Eldar will aid whichever side happens to work out best in the long run for the Eldar...


  1. And if there's one thing writing this out has taught me, it's that I need to figure out how to put tables into blogger :oP

  2. save it as an image. then put it in like a normal image file. I still think that some of the rules make it overly complex. hard to keep track of it all during a battle. having to check boom bunny reactions all the time. I think it would be better to simplify it a little. D3 boom bunnies from a portal at the start of each player turn. move D6 foot in random direction. if it comes into contact with a unit explodes as per battle cannon round or something. Roll for random movement for bunny at the start of each player turn.
    Just a way to keep things easy to track.

  3. This is brilliant! I think we'll be running this scenario too!


  4. @Ken - I used the old lesser catachan barking toads as a basis for this. I liked the idea of them wandering too close to units and them trying to quietly back away, while the enemy takes pot shots at the creature trying to set it off! Chris did something similar to what you are suggesting for a combat patrol tourney we did at the club - a central objective that spawned explosions every turn. In all three games played, everyone just avoided the middle - no doubt planning to do a late game objective grab... which became entirely unneccessary as all three games ended with one side tabling the other.

    @Rob - Good luck with it :o)