Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Productive Weekend...

So, for those who may have noticed my painting points tally shooting up these past couple of days, I had a long weekend at work... and one of the benefits of my job is that while shift means I lose half my weekends, on the weekends I am in work, it's quiet enough for me to get some painting done in the idle hours between calls. Here is what I have managed to get painted over the last few days.

Above we have a Karl Franz on foot conversion I made a little while back, finally painted. I did him in his own cities colours, and while that will make him stand out like a sore thumb among my Hochland force, I think I'll only be bringing him out in the really big games anyway (now that we're back to percentages on characters)

Here I have a wizard of the Amethyst order. I'm really liking the Lores of Death and Shadow at the moment. It does help that I seem to be playing Lizards and Ogres, and these two lores punish low Initiative. If everyone starts playing Chaos Knights then Balthasar Gelt will look a lot more appealing! I need to get a shadow wizard, but for the Lore of Death I am very happy with this guy.

Some very simple old models, finally with a bit of paint on them. I got these about ten years ago now, so will admit to not putting much effort in, as to be honest I hate the models now. But they will make up numbers in my army, and regiments aren't cheap. So I'll give them some colour instead of grey plastic and learn to live with them a bit longer.

Here I have some of those crazed idiots, the flagellents. This is the first batch of ten, I'm halfway through the second batch, with a third to follow! But I do love these guys in game so it's about time I got them painted. I like the model too, though am deliberately giving them a grubby look (when the world is ending personal hygiene seems to go out of the window - ask any teenager! :oP

And finally, I finally got this little mob below done. Getting through all those parts of the Ork army I rarely use, may have a fully painted army one of these days. Only a looted vehicle, 10 Stormboyz, 20 Boyz, a skullhammer and about 30 deffkoptas to go now... :oS

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  1. Oh to have the opportunity to paint at work, hours i do I could get loads done.