Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Shh... sneaky sneaky...

Ok, slightly delayed by a PC failure, but here are my finished Kommandos. I did 18 in all to allow some variety, including two Burnas, two Rokkit Launchas, and a power Klaw Nob and a Snikrot conversion. This gives me two choice of squad leader and some flexibility in the special weapons I take. I like the effect the lichen has on them, but I have to admit it's proving unreliable at staying where I want it! These models will definitely need to be handled with care!


  1. Brilliant!

    I now have an image in my head of a bunch of kommandos running along behind cardboard cut-outs (or 41st millennium equivalent!) of trees!

  2. Thanks :o)

    One of the best Kommando conversions I've seen had a kommando peeking out from behind some sort of board with a picture of an ultramarine on. Would have been great if I played marines regularly, but at the moment I only ever seem to play guard or nids, with the occassional Tau, Eldar or Chaos thrown in for variety. Under those circumstances, looking like a marine is liable to get you shot quicker than looking like an ork (or a tree, for that matter!) :oP

  3. They look great but you might still see them coming in the urban jungle being all green and that

  4. Given my army is based on snow they already stand out quite a bit being green anyway :oP hence why their best bet is to pretend to be trees/bushes :oP

    We live in an urban area, yet there are still trees around. To compare it to our games, when my kommandos pop out of a building behind you, assume your troopers thought they were someones pot-plants :oP

  5. awesome. I think the cardboard cut out would be pretty funny. really impressed with these though. hopefully get to se them properly soon, or not rather..?