Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lego moves with the times

The policeman used to be helpful. Sometimes drove a rescue vehicle. Sometimes had a criminal in a cell. Nowadays? Some git with a speed camera!


  1. at least they might make some money this way and get those anti-social speeders off our roads to make them safe. after all easier to catch someone on a camera speeding then actually do police work.

  2. Did you see they'd turned off all the speed cameras in sheffield or swansea or somewhere... begins with an S but anyway - they turned the cameras off and the accident rate? Stayed EXACTLY the same! The local council had a suspicion the police were ust using them as a revenue earner, not as a road safety measure like they claim. I think that proved their point! :oP

  3. I was visiting some of my year 10s on work experience three weeks ago - two lads working with the police.

    They were doing speed checks through the town, which is 20mph but badly signposted. You know what the best thing is? - One of the lads caught the head of maths doing 25!

    Oh, the gloating...

  4. I can see a lot of "25 is greater than 20" style equations in that maths teachers future :oP