Monday, 5 July 2010

I'm at Third and Main...

So, for something different, I painted up this Lightning Fighter I converted. There's a film reference in this piece, I wonder how many of you get it?

A couple more pics, but wasn't too impressed with how these pics turned out with the flash. I need to practice my model shots! :oP

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  1. Hot shots, Part 1 more specifically.
    Looks good though mate.

  2. That looks like bits from Airfix robogear?

  3. @Ken - Zing, give that man a cigar! Though technically Hot Shots would suffice, the sequel was part deux. No one ever calls the first film in a series episode 1 - except loaded weapon 1, which was a spoof; and star wars, which made episode 1 after it already knew there were sequels - which is kinda cheating! ;oP

    @ John - No, this kit is the GW Imperial Guard Valkyrie kit, with a few extra hellstrike missiles from other valk kits, along with 2 lascannons and an autocannon from the Imperial Guard heavy weapon teams box. Also a little plasticard and green stuff.