Thursday, 15 July 2010

The campaign rumbles to an end...

I've recently been running a campaign at my local club. It was my first campaign and I had a few ideas. Some of them worked, others not so much as I'd hoped. I have some better ideas for next time, but that can wait for now...

I used Orks in the campaign, and despite going undefeated throughout I am out at the first knockout round. My worst result from the buildup was a solitary draw, and the same result met me in the first knockout round. Not having time to play a rematch, my opponent and I flipped a coin for it. I lost.

To be fair he'd had the better of the game anyway, turning my assault on his left flank into a slugfest that halted my advance. My usually effective nobs squad was slowly cut down by penal legion troopers with the rending ability - of all the skills they could have rolled that was the worst for me. In the fight my opponent lost a guard squad, a vets squad, 2 penal legion squads and a straken led command squad to my warboss, unit of nobs and half a unit of kommandos. More importantly however, he stopped my power-klaw armed nobs from getting to his heavy armour and making mincemeat of them. They, unharrassed, proceeded to take apart much of the rest of my army.

By far the most annoying unit (aside from the penal legion) had to be my opponents psyker battle squad. Its ability to weaken resolve meant that whenever my biker squad (led by Wazzdakka himself) had to take a morale test for 25% casualties, they did so needing snake eyes. After spending the first 4 turns running, rallying, running again, they'd finally had enough and were beyond the point of rallying. That single 110 point squad disabled and saw off 500 points of my army, and arguably my toughest scoring unit to boot. I managed to make a nuisance of myself by clinging tenaciously on for a draw a couple of turns after any hope I had of capturing an objective evaporated. So all in all, fate favoured the more deserving. I can curse the heavens if I wish, but I know I'm the fool who recommended both penal legion and psyker battle squads to my opponent. Hoist by my own petard indeed.

So for now the orks are going back on the back burner. With 8th ed arriving and everyone showing an interest in warhammer I'll be going back to swords and shields down the club for a bit, and perhaps blow the dust off my guard once or twice too. I'll continue with the occassional painting project for the orks as they take my fancy (I have far less of a backlog with them than any other army, it'd be nice to clear it for one army at least, though I doubt I will ever achieve quite such a feat. With an Orkish campaign under my belt, and a friend talking about running a tournament in August, I think maybe it's time to get the guard out to play again.

In the meantime, Bugrits got plenty of scraps to be working on, I'm sure you'll see the occassional random thing come clanking out of his workshop over the coming months!

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