Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New Project

I had hoped to attend Escalation 10 at Bracknell Forest Gamers (those who hosted the great winds of war) and came up with a themed army to do as a project for it. However, with the house move I don't think i'm gonna make it in time. I'll still do the project, but it's likely to be over a longer period, in time for Escalation 11.

In the meantime, I started with the centrepiece of the army, a counts as vendetta. It's obvious enough that it should give the theme away completely, so look forward to an army that follows the same theme. And the time issue? The army is a lot of infantry, and I have to learn a good technique to paint those infantry white!


  1. I just weed in excitemend. That's amazing!

    Knowing what your infantry will be, I suggest a technique I'm using on my Sanguinary Guard wings. I sprayed in white, then put an Asurmen Blue wash (but you might want to use Badab Black), and then put on layers of white on top, watered down slightly. Takes a while, but gives great coverage.

    The other alternative which may be slightly less time consuming, is to spray white, wash badab, then paint Dheneb Stone, then Bleached Bone, then finally White.

  2. Looks good mate. Might be worth basecoating your troopers in astronomican grey, or similar light grey base. then building up to a white in subsequent layers. Then using a very watery blue wash to tone the shades and provide shading.

  3. I have several white undercoated Cadians I will give these methods a try. Want to try to come up with a relatively quick way if I can, I'm gonna have a LOT to do :o/

    Overall I'm quite proud of this, especially the head, as it's my first go using plasticard really :o)

  4. a good technique i saw was in the how to paint book and its mainly used for a guide coat if you spray a model black but all you have to do is give it a wash or either black or brown and it fills in all your details and shading for you and if your painting it white over the top depending how white you want it you can just paint back over the raised areas or couple of drybrush coats will give you a dirtier battleworn look. anyway you choose to do white its pretty hard to get it right without practice i know ive chosen too many white armies on the past, bloody elves twice and menoth which i do bone colour instead now it looks nicer

  5. May the force be with you. Great looking projects!

  6. Good techniques Rich, I was planning to ask you at some point given your vast experience :oP

    Trouble is I don't know if a battle worn look will cut it, think I've gotta go for BRIGHT white given the theme... :oS

  7. And @Mr.Etsy - Always ;o) Thank You

  8. Mate: fr some reason, I haven't been linking to your blog - thought I was, sorry.

    Now I find I missed this masterpiece: wow! I sketched an idea for something AT-AT like this a few years ago: it involved an upside-down chimera hull with a sentinel head. This is the business, though!

    - D.

  9. I also came up with a version years ago... involved the sides of a rhino (no hull) two pairs of sentinal legs and a head. Used vehicle design rules to come up with rules for it. But was never satisfied with it, and never got round to finishing it...

    Jump forward to the new sentinal kit, with vastly more posable legs. The heads didn't go to waste - I put them on the legs from the prototype AT-AT. And with the valk kit / vendetta rules, I have a good way of playing it in an army now :oD

    Glad you like, keep watching for more related parts of this army ;oP