Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Journal of a Sentient Grot - Industrial Action

Comrades! We have today earned a great victory, and the time for celebration is upon us!

Let me start at the beginning. My efforts to get my muscularly challenged greenskin kin to rise up with me against our brutal oppressors has met with some success. I talked (and threatened and bribed) the entire community into a strike! We hit this tribe where it hurts most - we shut down promethium production. The fleet of vehicles swiftly ground to a halt, bringing Bugrit to the negotiating table we'd set up at a small town near the edge of the forest.

Admittedly, Bugrits negotiating tactics were somewhat better than mine. He brought the entire tribe, who were somewhat annoyed. He muttered something about "lernin ow to negoshiate from maggie" and proceeded to fire clumps of my kin from the building through the warp to the ground below, where any deranged survivors would be set upon by the crowds below. Clearly the power of the unions will not be my route to success in my endeavours to bring my kind to the top of ork society.

At this point though, things changed. The humies, obviously seeing our entire tribe caught on foot, decided to attack! That dastardly Koenig fellow was back again!

Naturally, with a more entertaining opponent arriving the entire tribe turned and ran towards the ridgeline the enemy occupied. Despite the withering hail of fire put out by the enemy, the tribe got amongst them and ran amok. The imperials had set up a firing line and barely advanced beyond it. Before long, we'd wiped them out to a man!

Most importantly, from the word on the grapevine I believe that Koenig may well have been struck down. Will this be the last we shall see of him? Here's hoping. And in further good news, with such a comprehensive victory, we managed to seize some key imperial assets - those cursed anti aircraft units that normally tear our truks to shreds. Admittedly they aren't currently in the best condition, and we may never get them working as well as they did... but then neither will the enemy, and sometimes that is quite enough!

With our numbers thinned we're back working harder than ever at the promethium plants, and I have learned that industrial action is not the route to glory. I will think of something else. I'm just biding my time.

Till the next time, farewell.

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  1. Nice batrep! A fitting way to see my army off. They may indeed return again in the future - I'm going to somehow pass on the rest of my vehicles but I think I will actually keep the infantry. I really like the paint job I've done on them and I have more of an affection for them than the vehicles :P