Saturday, 29 May 2010

Back Again!

So, haven't been on the blog for a while. Sorry for the unexplained absence, but the house move has met complications (well, internet complications anyway!) and with most of my hobby stuff still in boxes it may be a little while longer before I put up a proper hobby related post...

So, for now, here is the website for my local club that a friend of mine completed not so long ago. Hopefully be putting some events and stuff on it soon enough, not to mention pics for the gallery.


  1. the website need updating already as there is no facebook forum as it never took off and noone uses it and same for the blog on here its gone as noone used it

  2. I'll get on to that. I had hoped to revamp the facebook group, but lil rich never got back to me on that one. I may just have to start my own group when I get proper internet access and change the link.

    Also thinking of putting a link to that model shop Rich F got a discount with... will probably pop in and mention it face to face next time I want to buy some GW stuff first though ;o)

  3. I wouldn't say NO-ONE used it exactly, it was just us three and Neil haha. Kinda defeated the whole point of it since the four of us keep in regular contact, and the people who it was made to benefit never bothered with it :/

  4. ok, have had an idea for the blog... I'll post the dates of the next few months worth of mondays on the blog. Then people can comment if they're coming, what they're bringing etc. If there is anything going on I can post it as the first comment.