Thursday, 1 April 2010

ToFG: Journal - Onward!

Well my friends, the battle is over. We broke like a wave against the imperial frontlines as the cowardly chaos marines snuck around behind to shoot them in the back. I guarded the rear door of the Stompa, waving at Imperial survivors.

The chaos have made off with some fancy trinket or other, and have fled the system, fearing hot pursuit. Not sure why... the imperials have been forced back to lick their wounds, the tau are awaiting reinforcements, and we just don't care. With no one left to fight, we grow tired of this world.

Don't get me wrong, this planet has been good to us... especially in that last battle, where with the Tau and Imperials dismissed from the field and the chaos heading for their ships laughing maniacally, we had all the time in the world to loot and salvage. Look for some interesting items to come out of our workshop over the next few months...

Speaking of which, we've moved our workshop onto a small flotilla that is currently following Wazzdakka. He's promised us some action as he fights to build his highway from one side of the Lukas Worlds System to the other. It sounds like fun, and we've fought off some Imperials, while Wazzdakka repulsed some Chaos marines before storming a neighbouring guard world. He's making his way to us, we'd better get started from our side!

To all my faithful readership, I will keep you informed of developments.

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