Thursday, 8 April 2010


Just realised that quite apart from having done several word heavy posts of late, I never did get round to putting up a pic of my tofg Stompa, wanting to keep it a surprise for the big day. So here it is, in all it's orky glory!


  1. I've not seen one of these "in the flesh" yet and I have to say, even without the Orks milling around beside it, that thing looks MASSIVE!!

    Nice work,


  2. It is quite large :oP I was a little worried while painting it... the paint scheme that had worked so well on boyz and truks was starting to look a little overwhelming on something this large.

    Luckily once the battle damage and snow spray (my orks have snow bases) were on it broke it up a bit and it looked ok. :o)

    If you want to see it compared to other models, check out one of my opponents battle report. It has some pictures of the game and forces involved.

  3. The stompa did look pretty awesome

  4. I still think it looks like it's wearing a moo moo.

    Great paint job and it looked intimidating on the table!

  5. That looks awesome. I always liked ork vehicles because the modeling opportunities are endless.