Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Psyker Battle Squad

A quick dab of guard, though my painting posts will be a little more sporadic for the next few weeks, as in the process of moving house.

Painted the overseer of this squad when I did my penal legion overseers, but he was boxed up and camera shy. He'll join them for a game when i'm moved. In the meantime, my orks are gonna be the last things I pack!


  1. And looking at this picture... god I need to get my mate to do my model shots for me with her shiny coll camera :oP

  2. you really don't need an expensive slr camera to take half decent photos of models. A cheap one works good enough for what you need. Just try to lay your hands on a 7 megapixel standard camera. I recommend fujifilm for the little ones. always worked well for me.

  3. these look interesting ian id like to see these for my own ideas mate


  4. Basically I used Cadian Bodies with flagellent/catachan arms to make my penal legion... I then used the flagellent bodies and cadian arms to make my psyker battle squad. I used one flagellent body with catachan arms to be my priest.

    I'll try to remember to bring them down Monday for you to have a look at :o)