Sunday, 18 April 2010

England Expects...

Fancied a change of painting pace, so have painted up my uncharted seas fleet. Very quick and easy scheme, my entire fleet in one batch (though if my friends and I take to the game i'm not ruling out buying more)

As for painting points, i'd feel like I was cheating if I classed them all as vehicles... So have given them points roughly in line with their size. 2 points for the battleship, a point each for the cruisers, 2 points for the 6 frigates and 1 point per submarine (including both it's decoy markers) for a grand total of 15 points.

Now I just need to get my second game in with this lot!


  1. Looking good! I'll be up for a game of this soon, perhaps next time you're down club. I'll get them undercoated at least for then, as I gather it'll be a couple of weeks until your next visit? I might even be able to get them painted (just 3x Sentinels and a Sisters squad w/Rhino left on my Guard collection).

    I think they do Subs for my Fleet now too, so I'll have to get some of them at some point.

    Anywho, been itching for another game of this for quite a while now.

  2. I'll be back down the club in about 3 weeks ish, a late arrival after work, so may have time for a quick bash of this. I'll remind you nearer the time :o)

  3. A few of the guys at the club have just started playing this. I'm surprised at the size of these ships, I was expecting something along the lines of Man'o'War ships, so these seem massive in comparison.

    Arn't the square water pieces sub markers?

  4. They are indeed... you get two square water markers per sub. You then move them independantly of each other so your enemy doesn't know where your submerged subs are... well, they've got a couple of ideas, but nothing certain :oP

    I was quite pleasantly surprised by the size when I first got the box set too, especially considering the price. The basic starter box is apparently enough to game with for most occassions. Oh and I made a slight mistake - wanting two of each submarine type I bought two of each. Little did I realise that a single submarine pack is a sub squadron - 2 subs and 4 markers! So I have 4 of each sub and 8 of each type marker. Oh well... again, the price left me pleasantly surprised :o)