Monday, 15 March 2010

ToFG: Journal - Interesting Developments

Greetings once again my faithful readership!

We've had an interesting couple of weeks around the encampment. First off, Wazzdakka Gutsmek has arrived! Our road caught his attention, and he had to ride it. Course, like the true biker that he is, he said it needed more corners, but overall he was quite impressed, and has given Bugrit the chance to prove himself. He has to build a behemoth that will make our enemies cower in terror. Prove himself, and Bugrit will get a few old decrepit hulks to start a small Waaagh, continuing the construction of Wazzdakkas galaxy spanning highway.

In other news, a daemon calling himself Beeswax or something similar materialised in the middle of the camp last week, stating that he had an offer we couldn't refuse. Naturally, the lads kicked the living snot out of him. A few days later he rematerialised, but this time he had the good sense to materialise about 20' above the ground. Well out of reach of the ladz (apart from the Stormboyz, but knowing them they were probably cowering somewhere, glorified cowards that they are!) he spoke, in a commanding voice, "Can I see your leaders... please?"

I managed to infiltrate the meeting. The chaos want to amass forces with us and march on the Imperial positions. They reckon with our road making techniques we can get through the forest and be upon them in two days. With little to no warning it should be a walkover. I'm not sure how they thought this was a good idea, they clearly know nothing of greenskin kind! Wazzdakka and Bugrit made a few alterations to the plan, and the chaos have agreed to our version. They clearly want our help to overrun the Imperial positions.

So the new plan is as follows; The chaos forces will amass with us at our encampment, and we'll start constructing a road towards the Imperials. This road will take a wide circuitous route, with plenty of hairpin bends, s-bends and a few straight speed sections. The chaos veterans will be there to try to guide it back in roughly the right direction if we seem to be veering too far out of our way in our enthusiasm. It should take roughly two weeks, during which time the Imperials will no doubt spot our progress and start preparing themselves for a fight. This means when we get through the forest there'll be a good scrap waiting for us not some boring old walkover like a daemon prince. Also, we get to be at the front of the fight. The chaos forces seemed particularly pleased with this last part of the agreement, though they did seem concerned that the imperials may be able to call in reinforcements. The more the merrier we say!

Bugrit also said he'd like to face more of the squishy blue aliens, they provided some excellent salvage materials last time... however the chaos forces said they have studied our enemy, and there is no way he will work with xenos. That they say, will be his downfall, and their ultimate victory. It's fine, when we're done with the humies we'll turn round and give the chaos forces a good kicking too. If those blueies turn up all the better, and if not... there's only so much planet they can hide on once the humies and chaos are out of the way!

We march to war!


  1. Nice story there. I should get on mine really. I've tried the narrative batrep route, the communications route, now I'll try out the journal route. I've been having trouble thinking of how to setup my storyline for the next battle in the communications format, so it'll have to be the journal.

  2. Well with Orks and Chaos amassing and very clearly on the move (though not as clearly in which direction! :oP) your valkyrie could scout this out for you... and then Koenig has the dilemma of how to repel two enemies intent on assaulting him at the same time...

  3. Nice write-up. "Beat the snot out of him" Brilliant