Monday, 29 March 2010

ToFG: After Action Review

Well, the dust has settled, and the Stompa glares across the battlefield as the roving battlewagons grind a small mug to dust beneath their tracks...

The apocalyptic showdown to ToFG has been and gone, and we had a wonderful time. It was great to see four fully painted armies fighting it out over a table laden with painted scenery... I don't think many of us had achieved this before, much to our shame!

The Orks went for the subtle approach, lining up in the middle of the board as far forward as possible and running screaming towards the enemy. The few chaos forces that deployed mostly hid behind the Orks.

The imperials and Tau set up a gunline behind some defence lines, about halfway through their deployment zone, with a substantial killing ground in front of them.

The arsonistic Orks set fires raging that obsucured visibility early in the battle. As the smoke started to clear, a stompa walked through it! Also several trucks and battlewagons barrelled through, a green wave to break against the Imperial/Tau line. Meanwhile, the sneaky cowardly chaos had arrived behind the gunline, in order to shoot them in the back. Oh such the chaos way...

With the guard soaking up the bulk of the "back" shots and the orks taking the bulk of the punishment in the face, it fell to the more mobile Tau to carry the fight for the forces of good. The Ork Stompa had been immobilised short of it's target of the enemy super heavy - it's wildly innaccurate fire from the killkannon failing to finish off it's foe. It did manage to peg one of it's own trucks that had moved up hoping to take an opportunist shot with a wrecking ball. Oops. Hur hur hur.

With the evil forces winning solidly on kill tally (worth an additional objective) the manouverable Tau were looking for a way to tie the game. In the end they saw off the diminishing Ork ground forces (Bugrit buried by a collapsing tower after a strafing run by a barricuda) to claim a fair share of the battlefield... the kill tally settling the game in favour of the forces of evil. The one surviving named character, the daemon prince Beeswax, (he'd survived this long by avoiding half the game, then hiding behind an immobilised super heavy for a couple turns... he'd only popped his head out in the open for 5 minutes!) flew at the enemy baneblade. The stompa, filled with overexuberant Orks, eyed their target. They "accidentally" targetted the Baneblade so that shrapnel from the blast would fall just short of Beeswax. When the shot scattered and hit Beeswax square in the back (how do you chaos wimps like it?!?) the boys whooped and hollered... till they realised the fuse hadn't primed right, it'd failed to wound him - though it had left a terrific bruise and reports say he still grimaces every time he tries to pick something up.

Overall a fun game was had, and with the Orks failing in their mission of killing the super heavy (something Rich eventually achieved) Rich was champion. Thinking Rich would have gone for the enemy character I'd already given up sharing the objectives in enemy territory with him in order to contest a neutral one. Working for the greater good gifted Rich an additional 5 points. It's irrelevent... win or lose I needed to get 5 more than him. Scoring the same as him was not good enough.

Ken captured most territory in the enemy zone, but as Chris had already killed Wazzdakka his mission was considered higher, and he got the bonus. So, campaign points for the battle are as follows;

Rich - 10
Ginge - 5
Chris - 5
Ken - 0

Which gives an overall Tale of Four Gamers score of

Rich - 39
Ginge - 29
Chris - 23
Ken - 12

So, Kudos to Rich (you don't actually WIN anything in this :oP) and hope you all enjoyed it, and hope you can keep up the workrate ready for next time I do one of these. And next time Rich, you're doing a horde army I swear! :oP


  1. Congratulations to Rich for winning the event overall.

    I think Ken and I can feel good about the outcome of the Apocalypse game. We drew it in terms of the standard mission, and the kill point tally added that extra depth to the match which I enjoyed and I'd like to carry that over in future games.

  2. Hmmm, 12 points. No points for the apocalypse. Ah well can't win em all.
    Cheers for hosting the event ginge was a great game.

  3. Cheers lads.

    You were unfortunate Ken in that you work so much - coming last in the tournament and in the apoc game didn't help, but you probably lost more points on the paint score than anything else :o/

    I'll have to do another one next year where you can ADD to your tau... having done your basic troopers now (and by the time I do another of these) you can concentrate on high points cost special apoc stuff, which will reduce your paint workload :o)

    And yes, those are the rules I'll be following for future apoc games, at least for scoring units etc. The Lord of War was a suitable bit of fun given the nature of our campaign, in other circumstances we may use other optional rules instead. :o)