Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Keep Rollin, Rollin, Rollin...

So, last night played my first games since Bugrit faqed around with the death rollers to make them more killy ;oP

I played against a guard player Rob at the club... we played the Waaaaaagh mission from the new battle missions book. This was similar to sieze ground, but forces could deploy up to 9" from the centre. The ork player also got a neverending waaaagh... I could continue my waaaagh into subsequent turns if I liked, but I would no longer be able to claim cover saves, as my orks would get too excited to keep their heads down!

Squad by squad...

The lootas and Bugrit provided some decent support fire, but nothing spectacular, and thus weren't shot at by the enemy. My lootas fired 2 shots each on two turns and 1 shot each on 4 turns. Not once did I get the full firepower of those guns. Bah!

The burna boyz didn't make their points back. They torched one squad, but then were put to flight by the psyker battle squad. Fair enough. Rally test on my turn. Need a 7. Failed. But just to be irritating, ran 7. They repeated this exact pattern for the next couple turns before eventually making the table edge.

Truk boyz - One truk died swiftly, the squad beign practically entangled for a couple of turns (they clearly have not been told about fifth edition) before escaping and damaging a couple of chimeras before the survivors were wiped out by a rending outflanking penal legion. The other squad decided to ride the battle wagon, jumped out and killed a chimera, before a punisher demonstrated why it got it's name... their truk meanwhile shadowed the burnas trying to encourage them to rally, offering them a lift back to the battle. Eventually went off to contest an objective in case the game ended on turn 5.

Warbikers - Took out a chimera, a squad, and a sentinal... the entire right flank. Then turbo boosted across the board to make sure Rob wouldn't take back the closest objective to him.

Rollerless battlewagon dropped some boyz near the enemy, rammed a sentinal, then moved to contest an objective on turn 6.

Death Roller Battlewagon... oh I GOT to get me another one of these! :oP Ran straight at a Leman Russ Eradicator... wrecked it. Then went for an ambitious line of advance. Scared off a guard squad, and immobilised and stunned the punisher. The punisher surviving protected his command squad, though on the bright side kept me close enough to the fleeing squad that they couldn't rally. Swings and roundabouts eh? The next turn it exploded the punisher, and while it only squashed one member of the command squad, the twenty strong squad of boyz finished them off. Rob caught me off guard by tying them up in combat with a setinal, meaning I didn't have them in a scoring position on turn 5... but they dealt with it and re-embarked, ready for the battlewagon to smash a sentinal to park on the objective for the win.

This game showed how much that FAQ has upgraded the Orks ability to deal with armour 14. Think I'll have to get another death roller armed battlewagon at some point soon. It is well worth its points... off the top of my head, ignoring the command squad (which the boyz dealt with) the deff rolla killed two leman russ, a squad and a sentinal. That's about 430 or so on a 135 point outlay. And I could have got it cheaper than that too!

This got me a win in the first campaign game, and while I was on the defensive so don't gain territory, it got me some helpful resource points. Quite liked this list, though must remember Orks die quite easily... if I'm going to rely on just three scoring units, I can't be so cavalier with them. The squad in battle wagon should have stayed there longer. If I plan to repeat the trick of giving the faster truk to the burnas, I may have to put a boarding plank on the battle wagon, allowing them to stay on board. Anyway, plenty to think about before my two games i have lined up for next week. One at home, one at the club. Wish me luck.


  1. It seems like the mission, being an ork specific mission, was greatly in your favour (which I guess is the point of the mission!). Only 9" of No-Man's Land for your Deff Rolla to cover.

    Does this mean that if you invaded him then you'd fight on a Guard specific mission? Seems like a good mechanic for the campaign.

  2. And I meant 18" of No Man's Land of course :P

  3. We rolled a D6, 1-3 being the respective guard missions, 4-6 being the Ork ones. I don't mind how people decide what mission they do, as long as both players agree to the method of deciding before any dice are rolled! :oP I won't rule that defender gets the mission type, cos at least one of the guard missions is a prepared assault - an offensive mission if ever I saw one. But I can't give the attacker the mission choice either, as one of the marine ones is a defensive last stand type scenario.

    And yes it was helpful to the ork player, with no significant disadvantages I could see... though I guess it depends on your opponent and the terrain. On an open battle field, losing a cover save is nothing. In a cityfight game, losing the cover save is a hell of a price to pay. Also, running a fully mechanised list, this was no good to me. I didn't even call a Waaaagh in this game. If I'd gone for ork infantry horde on the other hand...

    Finally, against a tyranid player, would I really want to start closer to them? :oP