Sunday, 21 February 2010

Winds of War - Result

Well the tournament is done, and apart from a couple of missions that could have done with slightly better briefings, a good time was had.

I'm more than happy with our mid table finish (12th out of 24) which is quite respectable given i designed my army to fluff with no consideration to the gaming side of things.

The vast majority of our opponents were a pleasure to play against, and while we did have one irksome fellow (trying to argue that the edge of a ruin was sloped so he should be able to drive his tank up to the second floor of this building for one, trying to argue was more than 2 inches from the edge of "area" terrain for another) i can console myself with the fact i only had to put up with him for one game. His teammate, who seemed a pleasant enough chap, had to tolerate him all day...

Anyway, as the pic above shows, i didn't finish the day empty handed, picking up an award for best individual army. I'm very pleased with this, as it's what i'd been aiming for from the get go (thinking the fluffy list would suffer in a tournament environment)

All in all a good event, and is tempting me to give escalation a try...


  1. You should definitely give Escalation a go. See what I mean though about other armies? This is the second tournament I've been to up there now and generally the opponents are great to play against with great armies.

    Congrats again on your award.

  2. Congratulations ginge. Well deserved after all that effort. Same time next year?