Wednesday, 24 February 2010

ToFG: Wazzdakka

Wazzdakka and half the unit of bikers done, other half a squad and 2 objectives to go. Might just make it yet...


  1. Nice work.

    I think it's fairly obvious how much painting I've done :P lol

  2. Do I presume by that you mean "not so much?"

    I'm busy tomorrow but have Friday available for painting, and might get a bit more done at work Saturday. I'm quite busy Sunday so will get a couple hours at the most, but I might just make it on time... at a push :o/

  3. Yeah you are correct. I can get the little bits on the Hydras and the Vets bases done no problem. The objectives and 3 sentinels are out of the question unfortunately, as my dissertation is now in full swing.

    I'm not so bothered though, because I've painted more in the last 4 months than I otherwise would have done. It is just unfortunate that I've been so busy with final year and am not getting much free time at the moment.

  4. i just have half my lord to do and im done and as im off work today for my injection in chest i wont be able to do till tomoz but he will be done and pics up of all this months by sunday, and pics of my newly assembled first space wolf pack