Friday, 26 February 2010

ToFG: Objectives

The objectives are ready for my orks. A guard squig (yes i stole the idea from a white dwarf) and a death skull my boys will be hunting, as clearly being a tau sympathiser.

"E's painted is face blu an everythin... Let's git the traitor. Waaagh!"


  1. Love the Cain/Braveheart reference there!

    Nice looking objectives.

  2. You can tell he's a traitor, orks prefer loud guns, effect on the enemy is a secondary consideration. :-P

  3. @Da Masta Cheef - yeah, if only Orks could shoot straight :oP

    @Soundwave - Cain/Braveheart, gotta love the fact he's gonna beat people up with a chain eh? "I call dis Freedem... cos it held a bunch of squigs till I freed 'em. FREEEEEDEMMMM!"

    @Firewasp - Maybe so, but Deathskulls are legendary for looting anything and everything, even bootlaces. He might have picked it up as something to hit people with.