Sunday, 28 February 2010

ToFG: Month 4 Results

Well we've come to the end of the painting challenge, and we've all now got (or nearly have) fully painted 2k armies. We can be very proud of ourselves.

Rich finished on time (again) and I managed to scrape it in time too. Sadly Chris and Ken are too busy, and don't even think they'll make the late score deadline. Thus I'm publishing the scores now, and if they should earn the extra 3 points for finishing by the late deadline we can add that in later.

Full score for Rich and I, including two objectives, giving us 8 points each this month. Ken didn't complete his models, but managed to do his objectives (he needed them for Winds of War anyway) so gains 3 points. Chris has failed to complete any of this months tally, so scores 0.

This gives us a final score of

Rich - 29
Ginge - 24
Chris - 18
Ken - 12

With potentially 10 points available to anyone in the apoc game (5 each to the winning team, 5 points to each team champion) I could still tie score with Rich. Being on the same team as him I sadly can't overtake him. Chir can overtake me, but not Rich. Ken, being on the same team as Chris, sadly has to resign himself to last place. But at the end of the day, there's nothing more than pride at stake, and we can all be proud of what we've achieved.

Now the floor is yours to complete anything and everything you want before the apoc game on the 28th of March. If it isn't painted you can't use it, but other than that no more mandatory tasks. Good luck!


  1. What do myself and Ken do about the monthly painting quota that we havn't painted from previous rounds? At the moment we're going to be lacking some key units.

    Just for the others information, all I'm adding to my force for Apocalypse is a 250 point datasheet. I will be posting it up on my blog in the coming weeks, hopefully along with some photos of the models.

    I'm really pleased with my progress the last four months. It was just unfortunate that I got hit by a fair amount of work the last two months. Still, going by the painting points quota I have gotten through two thirds of my collection. I'm not going to win this event but I am very happy with how I've done.

    Maybe next time we should all choose armies with about 5 models per month? :P

  2. The rules for the apoc game will be simple... if it's painted and it's for your army, you can use it. If it isn't painted, you can't. So if you have anything vital from ToFG I'd recommend you get it finished off in the next 4 weeks.

    As for apoc, it looks like Rich and I will have slightly greater forces at the moment. I have a couple of baneblades I can lend you to balance things out. They're painted and they're guard, so they are acceptable. They might not match the general colour scheme of your army, but as your praetorians show your men are not averse to working with other regiments.

    As for the rest of the details of the apoc game, mission requirements and any house rules will be published soon. I'm gonna have a good look at the useful articles in the back of Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2 before I write up the final rules. I'll be aiming for fun, zany, and in character with the story so far...

    As for armies with just five models a month, we can't all play space wolves... ;oP

  3. Hmm, I'm not too happy about that considering that I'll be losing a platoon, and they're a key element too - armed with flamers and power swords. Especially considering that the two guys most bogged down with events leading us unable to paint everything are on the same team lol. If the teams were different I wouldn't complain, but as it is its pretty unfair.

    A note on my army colours, they aren't different regiments, they're the same Regiment but different companies. The 1st company are Col. Nomak's personal foot troops.

    Damn, gonna miss my train so have to stop this message short!

  4. I sympathise Chris but these teams were based on the most likely fluff pleasing combination, and were worked out ages ago on that basis. Hell after the first couple months where you got your allocations painted up in days and moved on to painting FoW stuff I thought you were gonna be runaway leader by now! It's just unfortunate something came up for you.

    This challenge has kept to fluff as much as possible, and of you three the only one the orks are likely to fight alongside is chaos. it's the only way that makes sense.

    I also sympathise if you're short some key models, but another aspect of this challenge was that in the end we'd play a big, fully painted game. Winning and losing is secondary to how good the armies will look all layed out.

    If we were doing this on a competitive level, yes I could ignore the fluff and balance the armies by pairing top and bottom against second and third. But if we were being competitive, then surely being short some forces would be the penalty for failing to meet deadlines.

    The best I can do is loan you some Baneblades, and possibly some of my better painted battle tanks and a couple of Hellhounds to bolster the guard forces. I know you don't want to rush your praetorians... how about getting some more cadians that you can paint quickly to represent them for now, and putting the care and effort you want to put into the praetorians at your leisure? And you've read some of the background fluff GW has produced, you get mechanised companies, heavy companies, baneblade companies etc. We can use that to explain the different colour scheme on the support tanks.

    I don't think Rich will go too over the top, and nor will I. I'm hoping to add a couple of bits to my force, basically a super heavy and possibly a unit to ride it. But that's about it. I'm afraid loaning you some support elements is the best I can do. I think to have a table layed out with 4 beautifully painted armies, and a couple of unpainted units, well they'd stand out about as much as Dans "monoliths" did at the last apoc game we played.

    Sorry mate that's my final answer on that one :o(

  5. It would be much nicer to have everyones original 2k painted and on the table and that should def take priority over extra things for the apoc game, i dont know i kinda agree its harsh on those 2 and i cant really complain as ive not had much to paint but saying that i do put alot of effort into my painting so i could never have done horde and if i had done army from scratch it would have been power armour based. im on the fence and i have splinters in my ass :P i think final ruling stands with ginge as its his game his rules. i did offer to help cwis but he wants to be able to say he did it all and thats fair enough id probably do the same. just hope it doesnt sour what we have all achieved here

  6. I don't think you realise how much I will be losing. 2 squads of Guardsmen with flamers & power swords, 1 platoon command, 10 guardsmen, 3 sentinels and 2 commissars. That's a huge chunk of my army and no matter how many Baneblades you swing me my army just won't work. It's all well and good having it be a fun fluff based game with painted models, but this is just going to be a walkover and not fun at all for me.

    Look at it this way, I've already put a load of Apoc units into touch because I don't have the time, including 2 heavy weapon teams, straken with a squd, and a Sisters squad in a rhino. That's not to mention the things I couldn't buy because of finances.

    So I've already had to change my plans drastically because of my life situation. The whole situation has changed since before we started this tournament and 500pts was a bigger ask than we realised. I'm already giving a whole day away for the game when I need to do my work. I'm not sure you realise how much work I have at the moment. You guys get weekends off where the only time I've had off from mid-November is Xmas day, New years day and a week off after my exams (when I was too knackered to do anything really). I don't even get Sundays off at the moment!

    I don't want to sound like I'm whining here, but I need my full 2k or this game can't happen for me. My army won't work properly and it just won't be any fun, which is more important than a fully painted game.

  7. I'm sorry but it goes against the entire point of a painting challenge to have unpainted models in the grand finale. This is what we've all been building to, a big spectacle. If I give you a pass for that stuff... well hell I've got about 30 unpainted deffkoptas, why can't I field them too? Before you know it half the armies are unpainted and we've completely lost the point of what we were doing.

    I can see that what you're missing is a significant chunk of your army, about 500 points by the look of it. Saying that doesn't balance against a couple Baneblades seems a slight exaggeration - apart from the baneblades being worth twice the points, they could kill all your missing units in a single turn of shooting! If you're saying it's a tactical element of your forces that is missing, that the baneblades cannot replace, then that makes more sense.

    With the impasse we have between fully painted armies for a painting challenge, and your needs for your army, the best solution I can come up with is to give you more time. The problem with this being, if we push the apoc game back, it falls foul of my shift pattern. We wouldn't be able to play it until May. This means our stories will linger on without a conclusion for longer than I would like, but it's the best I can do. In that time everyone will be free to paint, meaning Rich or I could add more apoc extras to our forces. Hopefully Rich will be busy starting his space wolves, and I'm sure I can find other projects to distract me. It's far from an ideal solution, but it's the best I can do.

    So, TOF-Gamers, would you like to postpone our finale till May? A quick glance shows the 9th or 23rd to be the best options if we want to stick to a Sunday. Please let your opinions be known.

  8. I can't postpone the finale because I'll be even busy later on lol. And yeah, losing those units changes the tactics for my army and affects a Datasheet (Shield of the Emperor).

    Your Deffkopta argument is flawed - I'm saying that I need my original 2k and I have ditched all of my Apoc units I had planned apart from one. Those Deffkoptas were not part of your 2k allowance, so cannot be considered in the same context.

    I'm saying that we had all these great intentions on the outset of the event. Now, however, things have changed alot and since this is meant to be a fun event more than anything else we should be a bit more plastic in with rules since it's the first time we've done anything like this.

  9. Hmm perhaps a compromise is in order here, because I don't think moving or cancelling the Apoc game is an option.

    If I can get my secret Apoc Datasheet painted, and my two commissars from last month, and get those 10 Cadians finished - I get to use Shield of the Emperor even though I will be one platoon short? I will then be dropping the 25 Praetorians and 3 Sentinels (along with all the other Apoc stuff of course, but I wasn't expecting to be able to use them).

  10. Oh and I get to use the Valkyrie as it's normal Codex rules because Flyers confuse me at the moment!

  11. You can deploy a valkyrie as a normal skimmer if you choose to in apoc... it has hover mode, so it has the option to be either a skimmer or a flyer.

    Can I ask why the shield of the emperor is so vital? Is it the strategic assets it provides? If your forces are smaller you'd get extra assets anyway. I'll have a think about it anyway.

  12. Nah it's the Aegis defense line that I need. The 3+ cover save it affords is crucial to THE PLAN :P

  13. I'm sure if we are down on points and we get to take strategic assets the we will be allowed to take aegis defence lines.

    Ginge, just wondering. For my painting allowance for month 4, I was going to paint 2 skyrays. If I weren't to paint one of the skyrays and 'accidently' painted a barracuda instead, can i take the barracuda in apocalypse?

  14. @SOundwave - Well in a standard apoc game everyone gets one strategic asset anyway, so nothing to stop you taking the defence lines regadless of the shield of the emperor. The defence lines strategic asset is in the book!

    @Firewasp - If you've failed to paint something you can't use it. If you choose to use the time between now and apoc catching up on stuff you missed that's your choice. Likewise, if you should choose to forego those bits and paint something else instead, that's your call. So long as it's painted and for your army, you can use it.