Tuesday, 2 February 2010

ToFG: Month 3 Tournament, Month 4 Requirements

Well this weekend was a resounding success in the ToFG mini tournament. We all had some good games, and no one walked away without having their nose blooded at least once (though Chris managed to pull off a draw in the game he got the living snot kicked out of his army - sneaky!)

The end results of the tournament had Chris in first with two wins and a draw, Rich in second with a win, a draw and a loss, myself in third with a solitary win and two losses, and Ken in fourth with two draws and a loss (though in fairness to Ken he should have won against Chris, and a slightly longer game would have probably seen him win both games.)

From a narrative point of view we had an excellent time. My orks emerged from the forest to find the Imperials dug in and were repulsed. While I was licking my wounds and plotting my revenge the Tau showed up, and while the imperials held out for a draw, they were decimated in the process. They would have withdrawn to replenish their numbers. We orks then returned looking for the imperials, to stumble upon the unsuspecting tau, and thrashed them. We then got to loot overnight till Rich showed up the next day and managed to steal some of our spoils of war. The tau then returned, but couldn't force the chaos forces from the field, so they withdrew before suffering too many losses. The imperials then finally returned in force and battered the chaos forces.

With three out of four of us not quite finishing our requirements last month, we can't do official scores just yet for month 3. But with the tournament results, it currently stands as:

Rich - 21
Chris - 18
Ginge - 13
Ken - 9

Though Chris, Ken and I can all pick up three points each if we finish off Januarys requirements by midnight Sunday.

Which brings us to Month 4. Now in this month there are a few bonus points available for modelling a couple of objectives. This has kinda backfired on me... everyone else is taking troops from their ToFG armies with them to the Winds Of War tournament. I'm taking my Guard. Winds of War requires you take two objectives. So they can kill two birds with one stone, while I have to model and paint 4 objectives this month, in addition to my Feb requirements, and my (admittedly own fault) January leftovers, plus the last bits of my winds of war force. I think I may have overloaded myself again :oS

As for February, the base requirements for each player is shown below.

Ginge - Orks

Wazzdakka Gutsmek
11 Bikers inc Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole

Ken - Tau


Chris - Guard

Grenadier vets inc 3 plasmaguns and Bastonne

Rich - Chaos

12 Khorne Beserkers
Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour

Good luck to all competitors, games are not mandatory at this level but I imagine a few of us will try to get a game in to advance the storyline towards the apocalyptic finish!

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