Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Orks - Game Reviews

So last night took my Orks down the club for a game aginst one of the new guys Rob. He'd brought marines with him this week, so we had a proper battle for black ridge ready to go!

It was annihalation and as he's new I said we'd do it on kill points. I explained kill point percentages to him and said we'd compare it at the end. It was Dawn of War setup with me getting the first turn.

I was using my ToFG force, whilst he had a Captain, a Chaplain, a term assault squad, a dread, a vanguard vet squad, two units of scouts, 2 tactical squads, and 2 land raiders.

Once again, I will just mention highlights of the game, as for the most part this game was me barrelling towards him as quickly as possible, and him shooting me as much as possible.

The Burnas had some fun. They stayed in their battle wagon early on and shot from the back. Course this had an excellent effect on my opponent. You point out the flame template can just about reach 2 or 3 models,and they're like "Oh that's not so bad" Then you explain that all models canshoot from the back of the tranpsport, so that's actually 20/30 hits. Nasty! They later disembarked to assault the terminator assault squad, and they took all bar the chaplain down over several rounds of combat. If it hadn't been for a tactical squad charging in to save him, the chaplain would have gone too!

The stormboyz didn't do too badly this game, managing to help the Burnas outa bit by charging the terms at the same time, drawing some of the terms attacks off and onto them instead. Even more fortunately they fluffed their attacks completely, meaning there were no basic attacks for my opponent to mix in with the power weapon hits when it came to wound allocation. I was really quite proud of them. Course, they got mullered when that tactical squad charged in, but they've done more than I'd previously seen.

Bugrit had his usual shots, scattered here and there, shot a land raider at str 6 (which was a double 3 so instead it targetted the dread, though still missed!) though he did pull off a scorcher! He oblitereated the land raider with a str 10 shot! He then had to spend a turn recharging his gun, but it was worth it. Bouyed by this success, he targetted the other land raider. Str 8! And promptly scattered 8 inches, killing 4 bikers and a deffkopta! With hindsight I would have had a 4+ cover save on those bikes, but the deffkopta was definitely a gonner!

At the end of the game, I had Bugrit, the squad of Lootas, 2 Battlewagons, a truk full of boyz, an immobilised truk, Wazzdakka Gutsmek and half a biker squad. My opponent had an immobilised Land raider that had lost it's lascannons and couldn't shoot next turn (if we had one) My opponent chose to concede. Despite that clear gulf in remaining forces, and how one sided that battle had been, from kill points I had won 10 - 8. That seems very close. When you compare the kill point percentages of 91% - 47% it gives a far more accurate reflection of how the game went. I'll choose to use kill point percentages if my opponent agrees, even in games where basic kill points would give me an advantage.

As we had a little time left, I agreed to help Dan give a couple of new attendees a run through a game. It was my 2k of Orks (some units under the control of one of the new guys, Ian) against 1k of Nidzilla and 1k of Tau. An unusual combination to say the least. It was Spearhead Capture and Control, and we had the first turn. We only played this game till the end of turn 2 before we had to pack up and leave, but it was about giving the new guys a taster for Warhammer.

Again this was a typical barrel towards the enemy who'd shoot us in return thing, except we had a nasty combat speed bump between us and the guns. We did take out the stealth team after they underestimated the speed of Orks when infiltrating. My teammate lined up Bugrit for a shok attack shot. He wanted to target the hive tyrant, but I suggested the Zoanthropes, as we could only take one wound off the tyrant, while we could potentially instant death all three Zoanthropes. Oh how glad I am for my advice, as the newbie pressed the wrong button. Instead of firing the snotlings, he shot Bugrit through the warp and into combat with the zoanthropes. It was a pretty poor combat from both sides, but it did have the advantage of stopping the zoanthropes from doing any psychic powers on their turn. In the next turn he was eaten by the hive tyrant, but he'd kept the zoanthropes in place long enough for Wazzdakka and co to finish them off.

Dan was murmering to his teammate that they'd win this game, a draw at the worst, cos we didn't have enough holding our objective. He had a deep striking carnifex squad and an outflanking warriors squad I believe. Against that we had a squad of lootas, and a squad of boyz in the battlewagon, with a truk to block LOS from the tau hammerhead to the battlewagon. (Though so far it had only engaged the other one, and missed on both occassions) I agree, he would have been able to force us off our objective. But not without losing his warriors first, I would have made sure of that! At the end of turn two meanwhile, I had wazzdakka and a nob biker (all the normal boyz on bikes having been shot) ready to engage one of the tau firewarrior units, and the other fire warrior unit easily within range for my burna battle wagon combo. They would have also had two (scoring) truks of boyz joining them, half a squad of stormboyz, and eventually a deffkopta. The firewarriors would have been dead on turn three, leaving us with three scoring units sat on their objective, and them with a hammerhead, wounded hive tyrant and two crisis suits to deal with it all. I think we could have comfortably held out for a win on their objective, even if they did manage to contest ours.

Anyway, it's been good to have some fun with the Orks, as this weekend I have my guard to use, for my Winds of War force. Speaking of which, I have some painting to do...


  1. Not a bad evening of gaming it seems! Typical of Dan though to be declaring a win at the end of Turn 2.... We've all seen how T2 perceptions can change by the end of T5! That attitude muddies the evening a bit in my opinion.

    Anywho, how did the new guys do? Where are they from and what drew them to our humble little club?

    Rob seems like he has potential to be a good player. He's a decent person to play against.

  2. Well Rob has been down a few times now and played against me. I've beat him a few times so I arranged him a game against Richard Palmer next week. Hopefully he might get a win ;oP He has said he's learning far more by getting beat here than he did at games workshop. Even little things like me suggesting he move his vanguard vets right up to the edge of the cover just in case he got a bad move through cover roll in the assault phase. He did, and duly rolled a 1 and a 2, which would have left him stranded and charged if it hadn't been for my advice. So he's learning new things, which he appreciates.

    Scott (he of the golden ork) was down again, and we sort of bodged him a game against Stu (who'd mostly brought fantasy, but with a creative FOC and a few spare chaos marines he had with him, managed to do a 1000 point game against Scotts nids. He's got a green and cream colour scheme to his nids, looks pretty cool actually.

    Rob had brought his mate Rich down, who just watched what was going on. He might be down again hopefully.

    Dan brought 2 with him from work. They sat and watched a bit, then we managed to get them two turns of that game. There was table space available, but models were lacking. If I'd known in advance I could easily have brought extra stuff down, and may do so next week.

    We're looking at a good crowd next week. Rob is playing Richard Palmer, Stu wants a fantasy game (and will be speaking to Rich/Nige trying to arrange one, I've said I'll be fallback for him if he needs an opponent) and Scott is due back and possibly Scotty D... we'll be running out of tables if we're not careful! Better than the alternative I suppose... :oP

  3. We have had a bit of a population explosion of late :P

    Not to worry though, if numbers are too large then some team games could be set up, like you did last night. I also remember Dan saying there's room upstairs, so if we have enough secnery (lol) we can open that up.

    Speaking of scenery, that was meant to be sorted out last time I was down, but wasn't for whatever reason (I think we finished late and Dan had to go because of work the next day). We really need that worked out and quickly. Give Dan a prod via email to see if we can arrange something :)

    If we keep seeing such large numbers I imagine Dave will be inclined to regularly open the upstairs room for us. I'm just worried that we'll annoy the club regulars, since it is their bar.

  4. Well last night they had their club meeting so upstairs would have been out of bounds for us, but those events are hardly a common occurence.

    You wanted to do a scenery worshop didn't you? Tidy and repair first, possibly make some more if anyone has the knack/know how. We have had a funny couple of weeks where one person or another has had to go early so we couldn't get anything sorted. I have a couple weeks off now, might offer to meet Dan for a beer or something to sort things out without other club stuff getting in the way.

    And numbers is always a good thing, cos that's more patrons for the bar, making us look rosy in Daves eyes. Also gives us more people we can recruit for apoc games, tournaments etc.

  5. I dont mind playing stu but as we have alot of new 40k players i might try and get neil to play him and i can play 40k. as for weekend i could come to you but parking my truck will take forever and for the sake of an extra 10mins would be easier for you to get me if thats ok. how did you get that painting points thing up?? out of interest as vetran guard player which so you pref you guard or orks???

  6. Yeah can get you, but you can sort your own breakfast out ;oP if you'd have been coming round here I'd have served some up for you as well :oP

    I couldn't find an app or anything so I literally just put in another text box, and then every time I complete something I update the score manually :oP

    My guard are my first love and always will be. I do enjoy the unpredictability of the Orks though. Firing the Big Mek into close combat with the Zoanthropes was hilarious, and I'm always the first to laugh when my stormboyz roll a one. I think if I want a more tactical competitive game I'll go with my guard, whilst if I want a fool around have a laugh game I'll go Orks. Ok, I always want a laugh when I'm gaming, but you know what I mean :oP