Wednesday, 10 February 2010

"Looks like love at first sight to me. Oh, he likes you, Burke!"

Completed objective for my Bug Stompers Winds of War force.

Hoping this helps me in the best army stakes. Possibly even a fergus contender? Fingers crossed.


  1. You were right in your text. I love it. This tournament is going to be brilliant, seeing your guys running about.

  2. wicked lol what did you make that from? how we getting to wow are we taking ginges car and we gief petrol moneys or my truck, free fuel but limited space??

  3. We're discussing travel arrangements on email at the moment.

    As for the model, I found the glass jar on ebay under dolls house accessories. The facehugger is green stuff wrapped around a bit of wire and with some genestealer fingers stuck to it. The table is a couple of panels (I think I found them from some of my Baneblade/Shadowsword spares) and some bits of sprue cut to the right size. All mounted on a 40mm base as the tournament requested :oD

    Paint scheme was simple. Tallarn Flesh with a wash of Leviathon Purple.

  4. I must ask though, why were you looking at dolls house accessories?

  5. Because I wanted a small jar and I thought "I know, if I go to ebay and search small jar dolls house I might get the right size jar"

    Smart arse! :oP