Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Combat Patrol Challenge

Chris arranged a combat patrol tourney at the club on Monday. For this I decided to take my Winds of War force. This force was designed from a fluff point of view and I do NOT expect it to be strong competitively. Despite this, I did reasonably well, getting a win, a draw and a loss.

The first game was against Chaos Marines. I'd eliminated one squad, and was using the chimera to road block another squad while I concentrated fire on the final squad. The storm troopers managed to cause 4 wounds, though I was annoyed to see my opponent pass all 4 cover saves. Lasgun fire then took down two, which kinda made up for it. I then had a penal legion squad charge. They got to strike first, and killed a few, but I still had 26 attacks with rending. 7 hits later I had 2 wounds (none rending) both of which he saved. I then failed a stubborn Ld 8 and fled. This was a turning point in the game, and he moved on and battered me from then on. The sentinal did trash a rhino in close combat, which was fun. In the end I was tabled, while he had a full squad of khorne beserkers, and one survivor from his lucky marine squad!

The second game was against Chris with his guard. I left a squad of penal legion with the empty chimera, choosing to deep strike the storm troopers. They took out one of Chris chimeras, and while they were shot and chased off in return, the outflanking penal legion killed off Bastonne and his veterans. With just 5 troopers left that could score the win (objective based game) and an advancing penal legion, Chris tied my troops up with the sentinal and loaded his men in the chimera. I then used my chimera to block his line of advance. The game ended in good time for me, though I still think I could have held the winning position for a couple more turns yet. This game also continued a trend for me... in Guard vs Guard I have never lost. Chris using Guard has beaten my Orks, but when I have my guard at my disposal, no other guardsman has bested me. I'm quite proud of that. :oD

The third game you had to capture the enemy objective. Knowing I was facing a patrol that entirely deep striked I knew I was up against it. I left the chimera in a building near my objective, where the only way he could get a side shot at me I'd either have cover, or he'd risk a deep strike mishap. The rest of my forces either deep striked or outflanked to try to get his objective. Stuart then surprised me by dropping his troops around his objective. He had no intention of going for a win it seemed. My storm troopers sold their lives dearly to get rid of one of his scoring units regardless, and I tentatively advanced with my outflanking penal legion (not wanting to risk them in the open too soon.) At the end of turn 5 I made a dash for it but couldn't get close enough. He'd shot me with his flamers and killed most of the squad, but I still had a few left and they'd held. Thus on turn 6 they took the objective. The chimera (now weaponless) bunched up his flamers for the sentinal to torch. With hindsight I should have assaulted them as well, though it's possible I was out of range. In his turn he moved on and killed the remainder of my guardsmen. Sadly the game ended there. If I'd had a turn 7 I would have had another chance to kill the flamers, and possibly tie them up in combat with the sentinal. I'd have still needed a 4+ on the run to get my other scoring unit in to the objective though. So we got a draw, though Stuart got more VPs. This left the final table with me in fourth (same game results as Stuart, but behind on VPs, having scored less VPs in my draw AND my win. Stuart only needed a draw to finish ahead of me... I hate it when people play for a draw.)

Anyway, it was a good fun tournament, and makes me think my Winds of War force might not be too bad, especially backed up by the shooty nature of Kens force. However, this was a friendly tournament with pleasant lists. At an official tournament there may well be some people who are more abusive of their codexes, and against that my army will probably suffer. Oh well, wait and see really.


  1. Even though you didn't score many VPs you still played the army well in other areas. There just isn't enough shooty stuff to do the killing before you get close - something that will be rectified by Firewasp's army!

    I've put up the report of the evening on my blog now.

  2. Well I hope being able to outflank/deepstrike pretty much the entire force will give me the dynamic movement options to make up for that. Depending on what my penal legions roll, my opponent has to watch what he deploys within 12 or 18 inches of the flanks, and if he clusters in the centre I can deep strike the storm troopers at him. Ironically this list works better if I get the second turn and can see my opponents deployment before I decide what to do.

  3. Kooooodos to Chris for setting this up. I didnt play as you know but I was happy to float around and give my help where needed and was mostly pleased that it was MY WOW list that spanked everyone but those damn Eldar cheating gits, oooh look at me I have a Reaper squad I win ner ner ner lol

  4. I think we could make a good go of things at the tournament. I don't think anuyone will expect a close assault guard army. and tau are one of the last armies people see.
    Sounds like you had a good mix there though.