Tuesday, 12 January 2010

ToFG: Month 3 Tournament

In month 3 of ToFG we have a tournament, and I have now finalised the details of said tournament.

Tournament games will be played at the Hammer N Ames venue in Portsmouth on Sunday 31st January. There will be two 6x4 tables set up. There may be an apocalypse game running on the same day, so thus far I can't guarantee if we'll get the battleboards or the foam boards. However, both boards will be set up to be as near as identical as possible.

Army lists must be written up by the time we arrive. It is open list, so everyone can check each others list before the game begins. The core of the force will be what you have painted for ToFG so far. You can include unpainted models (jan models painted late one assumes) if they are from Januarys allocation. If you wish to field a different unit to one you have painted as part of your ToFG, then you use the rules for moving something to the apoc reserve. Anything can be moved to the apoc reserve to make room for a PAINTED replacement. So if you want to throw something unexpected in there, that's your call, but it's also extra work for you to do.

Once all lists have been checked and found legal, ToFG competitors will draw a random player number. The player number determines who they play and when, as well as which mission will be played.

Table 1 / Table 2 / Mission
1 vs 2 / 3 vs 4 / Sieze Ground
1 vs 3 / 2 vs 4 / Capture and Control
1 vs 4 / 2 vs 3 / Annihalation

The deployment for each mission will be determined randomly. and will be independant of the other game in progress.

Annihalation will be played using the kill point percentage system that I have playtested. Basically the number of kill points killed from the kill points available. There needs to be a 10% margin to defeat your opponent. There will be no rounding... simply subtract the lower percentage from the higher. If you're in double figures you have a win. If not, you don't.

Each game will give three points for a win and one point for a draw. Also the margin of victory will be recorded. This will be used to determine a winner should the scores be tied at the end of the day. The margin of victory is the difference in objectives on the two objective missions, and 1 point for every 10% margin of victory in the kill point mission.

If scores are still tied after the margin of victories have been tallied, then the result of the game between the tied armies will determine ranking. If this gives a draw, then they are tied, and the points for both their places will be combined and divided between them.

Points for end of day rankings will be as follows.

First - 5 points
Second - 3 points
Thrid - 2 points
Fourth - 1 point

So the results of this tournament are not gonna be tale-making, but they can help someone get their nose ahead or play catch up perhaps.

Anyway, I think I've addressed all the issues, but any more questions please feel free to comment.


  1. I hope by March you mean January?

  2. Corrected.

    I assume it's cos I was talking about thethird month or something :oP