Friday, 8 January 2010

ToFG: Month 2 Results

Well with Ken having sadly missed the late deadline, the scores for December are as follows:

Rich - on time, game played - 8
Chris - on time, game played - 8
Ginge - late, game played - 6
Ken - missed deadline, game played - 3

Which with everyone meeting month 1 requirements leaves the scores as follows:

Rich - 13
Chris - 13
Ginge - 11
Ken - 8

So Ken has a bit of catching up to do, but with the mini tournament this month (where if you do well, you don't just win your own points, but deny them to your opponent) anything can happen.


  1. poop.
    could be worse l could be last. oh wait ....

  2. Post edited - after re-reading my first TOFG post I discovered I'd said there'd be a bonus 3 points for getting a game in, as opposed to a bonus 1. It doesn't make much difference as we all got a game in, but thought it best to be consistent.