Sunday, 31 January 2010

ToFG: Journal - The Return

Well that was a productive weekend, though with the sheer amount of vehicles we lost we probably only broke even in the parts hunt. The ladz had fun though, which will hopefully keep them from trying to eat my brethren for a few days.

We arrived at the monastery to find the humies dug in. Perhaps that not so subtle road wasn't the best idea after all. They also now have a clear indication of where our camp lies. They did some cowardly shooting and forced us to withdraw, as mentioned in my gritter update. We salvaged and repaired truks overnight and plotted to return at dawn. We don't know why the humans didn't press their advantage, but one assumes they were pre-occupied, as we returned to find the battlefield in the hands of someone else... the humans had retired to lick their own wounds.

We set about the enemy in the pre-dawn gloom, and pretty much annihalated them. Their sole survivor keeping us from collecting all the salvageable material that day. Luckily we collected it all overnight, and shipped some of it back to camp. The next morning we were making our final run, to find some spiky marines had other ideas about the stuff. Now they wanted to pick through the temple grounds. We couldn't have that!

We gave them a bit of a kicking at first, beating up their bigger boy who was "tactically considering the situation" behind a building. We didn't have things all our way as Bugrits wagon got stuck on a wall it couldn't see in the morning darkness. One marine squad managing to cause a lot of casualties among the two squads that assaulted it didn't help matters, and by midday we were just driving around trying to run interference in their plans. Sadly the sun just didn't seem to want to go down, and eventually we were forced to withdraw.

Oh well, we've got some stuff, we can always rebuild truks!

Meanwhile, we hear the sound of engines tear arsing down the road towards camp... but they don't sound like imperial engines, they sound louder. In fact quite bike like. Who is approaching?!?

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