Wednesday, 27 January 2010

ToFG: Journal of a Sentient grot - On The March

I update you from the "road" as the greenskin force is on the march! The scout coptas Bugrit sent out have reported back. There is a ruined monastery with extensive grounds on the other side of the great forest. It is obviously of some significance to the humies, as they have fought over this ground for millenia. More importantly they've fought quite recently, and there appear to be some items lying around for salvage. Getting there on the other hand, is proving "interesting."

Luckily we had a lot of promethium available, which Bugrit was able to weaponise. It's also quite useful for clearing a route through the the forest. The blackened tree stumps are crushed beneath the tracks of our battle wagons. A thick black line is cutting through the forest, heading towards our goal. It's probably not very stealthy, but if it works it works!

Bugrit is leading the way from his personal battlewagon, which he is always customising. And he's kept the stormboyz from shooting ahead and stealing the glory - he's not given them their jetpacks yet. It is most gratifying for the regular boyz to ride in their trucks and hurl abuse (among other things) at those foot-slogging glory hounds! They've got a few more days of this to put up with yet! Excellent!

Anyway, hopefully we'll get some good stuff from this trip, but worst case scenario we'll create a road that's visible from space! Now that's an acheivement!


  1. ohhh what were you testing? anything interesting?

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