Friday, 29 January 2010

ToFG: Bugrits Ride

Completed the second battle wagon just in time for the tofg mini tournament this weekend. Pleased with this, especially the "wheel trims" :-P

Look out for some twitter style posts (but with pics) for updates on the tournament.


  1. looks proper mean and the death roller thing rules are well nasty, def one to stay away from and shoot first. where did you get the deathroller bit is it resin??

  2. I personally love those wheel rims.

    Rich, I'm pegging you as favourite to win this tournament. Then I think Ginge in 2nd, Ken in 3rd and myself in 4th. I also think that 2nd and 3rd will be very close!

    The only thing I think will change my position is if I can peg Ginge's transports, but with Battlewagons on the scene I'm gonna have trouble.

  3. Rich - It's from the battlewagon upgrade sprue from GW online.

    Chris - It doesn't look entirely clear from this picture, but the wheel trims aren't the only trophy piece. Remember me asking for your colour scheme Chris?

    My tournament positioning will suffer cos I'm gonna play this in as Orkish a way as possible. Think of the take and hold mission against Rich where I left nothing on my objective, cos his was shinier. That's the kind of gamestyle I'm gonna carry through to the tournament. :oP

  4. Haha oh yeah! I couldn't really see it until you pointed it out. Some poor guy squished on your death roller!

    Well, the Orky way is going well for you so far, as I do believe you are undefeated once you got out of 500pts.

  5. A bit of green stuff and a redish smear :oP