Monday, 25 January 2010

Get Away From Her You Nid!

And here's why i'm running so far behind with my tofg. It's in direct competition with my winds of war requirements.

As mentioned earlier, the combat patrol i designed has an anti nid flavour to it. This one should give the game away on where i got my inspiration ;-)

Watch this space for further models from the "Bug Stompers" team of winds of war.


  1. Just brilliant!

    I really liked the Battlewagon too. It really is a marked improvment from your really old IG to the Orks you're doing now. Wouldn't believe it's the same person doing it! Wish I still had my first models to compare from when I was 12.

  2. Oh the ones from when I was 12 are even more hideous :oP the guard are far more recent.

    Personally I put it down to a combination of things. A little more patience, foundation paints making undercoating black my default setting, the new washes, plus tricks like being deliberately vague on faces. Far better to have a model look good overall than go hyper detail and mess things up. You can tell my old guardsmen... you can see the whites of their eyes. This tends to make them look like psychopaths, but there you go...

  3. Looking sharp! Can't wait to see the rest of the bug-stompers!

  4. Looks really good ginge. I'm impressed. I'm trying to work on my conversion. May have to raid your bits box this weekend, if you don't mind.