Saturday, 5 December 2009

Winds of War: Storm Troopers

I did some conversion work for my winds of war storm trooper squad. I wanted the guns to look a certain way and i'm happy with the result. I'm using mobile blogger cos i can't get my phone to download pics normally, and this is quicker than asking a friend to find time to photograph models for me. For finished models i'll use their decent camera every time, but for works in progress this will do.

Anyway, a pic of a few finished models is above. Soon as i figure out how to get more than one pic in each post we'll be in business ;-)


  1. Looks like a really good idea, but if I may make a suggestion. I would try to do them all the same if possible, as in the pic all 3 are done differently. Or are all 3 supposed to look a little different?

  2. Sadly I didn't have the bitz available to do them all the same, though most have come out fairly similar (except one when I first had to switch methods, which I'm thinking about replacing) Ideally they'd all be identical, but I'm not quite THAT good a modeller :oP

    As it is the storm troopers guns was a minor conversion so that I did something to the squad, rather than leave them fresh from the box. I was far more interested in converting the sentinal, which I hope to have a couple of early pics of up tonight. So watch this space I'd love to know what you think of the rest of the combat patrol :o)

  3. Just a bit of tidying up needed and you're in business! A bit of greenstuff to smooth out the differences in the guns might help?

    How did you get the left hands? The hands melded to the lasgun are quite awkward for conversion work as you obviously know.

    Would the grips on the boltguns give the effect you want? They'll be alot easier to get hold of I reckon.

  4. Yeah I plan to do that but it'll only take a tiny amount so I'm gonna wait until I'm doing other green stuff work then steal a bit for them.

    The left hands... I have shedloads of Catachan sprues. Chop off the left hand, glue it to the Cadian cuff.

    After I ran out of scout shotguns I tried a normal shotgun (which hasn't turned out too well, might redo) and then did use boltgun grips at the end. If I'd known the boltgun didn't look too bad I might have started with it. Oh well, too late now :oP