Sunday, 6 December 2009

Uncharted Seas

Was awoken today by the postman... on a Sunday?!? I don't mind him getting me out of bed, as he brought me this little bundle (not all of which is for me :oP)

It's a game a few of us are going to have a bash at. It's naval combat, and looks quite interesting. I've had a galnce and it looks like a simpler battlefleet Gothic, but it's a lot cheaper. The starter fleets range from £12 to £25 or so, and in that is all you need to game. I'm not kidding. You get enough of a fleet to play with, and you get order cards, plus the templates and counters you can see in the picture (I did in my box anyway)

The rule book is an 83 page full colour thing of beauty, and I will be poring over it over the next few days in the hope of getting a game in soon. I have two potential opponents lined up, and they're starting from the same level as me.

The ships are cast in resin (though other fleets have metal bits too) and I reckon I can bash out an effective colour scheme on them in no time.

Of course, no time is precisely what I have, what with it being nearly a week into ToFG month 2, and the only painting I've done is for an unrelated Winds of War project :oS I really should get on with my ToFG stuff, but right now I'm drawn to the WoW stuff, and I don't want to do a half arsed ToFG job just so I can get back to what I crave doing. So I'm just gonna have to scratch that WoW itch, and then play catch up :oP


  1. Hey I got your text. This stuff looks better than I expected. The ships are bigger than I thought they would be.

    Remember I'll be down the club on the 14th, and so after my ToFG game (still have to ask Rich) we can try this out :D

  2. The frigates are quite small but that Battleship is a sizeable chunk of resin.

    I'll try to have a basic grasp of the rules by the 14th then, so we can work our way through a game. I imagine the game will be "open-book" :oP