Friday, 11 December 2009

ToFG: Rule update

When it comes to games, weapons on models and anything that would normally be represented needs to be. Wargear that doesn't need to be represented can be varied.

If you go to the effort of making your weapons alterable, through magnets or whatever, you can make use of this flexibility. The conversion work and painting the extra guns is the price you pay.

Finally, while wargear can be changed, when it comes to the mini tournament we will each submit a list. That is what we play to for ALL games.

In other news, the pic above shows i've made a start on my winds of war penal legion... Which is REALLY not helping my tofg this month :-P


  1. I don't recall ever seeing orange jumpsuit models before, but it's a brilliant idea. Now, if you could just model bags of trash they've collected from the sides of interstellar highways...

  2. I did consider little black arrows on white clothing, but figured the orange jumpsuit would be easier to achieve :oP

    I'll maybe look at doing some full trash bags on a base next time I have some spare green stuff, make it into an objective ;o)

  3. I wouldn't have presumed anything else. Surely part of playing an army is the play testing and refining. When it comes to the tournament. I would naturally stick to one army and would have expected the same as everyone else.

  4. Yeah I know most of this was stating the obvious, and it wasn't directed at anyone. It was just that it hadn't been explicitly written down before, so I thought I'd make sure it was written down somewhere. That way if I do anothjer ToFG in a year or so we'll have the rules (and update) already written down ready to go with minimal fuss.

  5. another tofg. Not really interested in a fantasy army though. So I'll skip that one I think. Though I may be tempted to start a nid army in the next 40k one though. Beginning to wish I hadn't sold my nids now.