Tuesday, 8 December 2009

ToFG: On the Forage

Out on a forage, Bugrit and his mob heard there were some good bits of scrap available for salvage. Upon arriving at the location, they discovered they were not alone. They had one pile of scrap, but some chaos marines had encamped themselves around the other.

"Their bitz looks shinierer than ars duz" complained Bugrit. "Let's get em!"

At this point the entire horde put peddle to the metal towards the enemy. One truk veered off to the right flank, where a daemon prince had made the mistake of calling attention to itself by shooting the gun off their truk. Bugrit meanwhile held his looted wagon in check... he had some new guns that needed testing...

The daemon prince smashed a couple of boyz down, but the rest of the mob gave him a bit of a kicking. He knew he'd been in a fight. To the extent that half the chaos marines went over to bail him out of the trouble he'd got himself into. The other half dragged down Bugrits new flying defftrap, and blew up one of the truks. They then took cover in a building. The chaos marines were too late to assist the daemon prince. Their sneaky backstabbing ways may have taken care of most of the boyz, but the last couple managed to kick the daemon princes teeth right in. Down he went.

The surviving truks went careening around towards the scrap (or through a ruined building in one case) and the recently detrucked mob advanced. Confused as to what exactly had happened to their ride, they didn't notice the chaos marines cowering in the rubble next to them. The stormboyz missed them too, eager to join the fray on the other side of the battelfield. Bugrit however, saw all. He ordered his lads to open up with all the experimental weapons that could be brought to bare. They took down most of the cowards, and the screams of the dying alerted the boyz to their presence. They finished them off, then continued towards the scrap. Meanwhile, those glory hunting stormboyz failed miserably in their attacks, and promptly legged it. Have to up the ratio of "crowd-pleaser" packs for that thought Bugrit.

The chaos marines, fresh from seeing off the glory boyz, went to try to reclaim their pile of scrap. The ladz were having none of it though, and corralled them withthe truks and beat them to a bloody pulp. Bugrit had planned to add some fire to the mix, but his assistant, disgruntled at the lack of range on his gun, had taken to pressing random buttons in their ride. It burst forwards and stopped just shy of the nearest building. Completely threw off Bugrits aim. He was not impressed!

At this point it looked like the scrap was safely in Ork hands, until some sneaky chaos marines arrived from the flank. With resolute firepower they gunned down most of the boyz. Cowards!

The two truks went charging off towards the newcomers while the surviving boyz started to pore over the scrap for anything valuable. Heavy fire from Bugrits krew blew up the newcomers transport, while the newcomers assaulted the oncoming truks, destroying one. The surviving truk tried to run them down, but they calmy stepped out of the way. Seeing a nicely bunched target, Bugrit and his krew opened fire, but some intervening scenery took most of the sting out of it. The ladz had been advancing hoping to finish the marines off, but a yell from Bugrit got them back to the scrap pile to claim his prize.

At this point it was the end of turn 5, and the roll made it the end of the game. Victory for the Orks! We played on for kicks and giggles...

Having already pilfered the best stuff the chaos marines were getting little more than vengeance by slaughtering the ork boyz. Bugrit prepared to do some more firing, but that foolish assistant of his pressed that button again. The wagon went careening through a building and came to a halt just near the enemy. The enemy responded by attacking the vehicle, shaking it. Bugrit glanced out at the enemy surrounding his tank, and saw the last surviving truk bearing down on them. The driver had a glint in his eye that Bugrit recognised, so he quickly gave the order to bail out and run for it. Seeing the passengers bail out and leg it, the marines next to the tank checked their rear, just in time to avoid becoming the filling in a tank sandwich. Bugrits wagon withstood the charge (better than Bugrit expected) the truk however was not so fortunate. Expecting a big explosion the ladz braced themselves, but it must have been running on empty, as it fell apart with a sound like a meganob falling down a spiral staircase.

With a Waaaaaaggggghhhhhh Bugrit and his lootas charged through the wreckage and assaulted the chaos marines. Of course carrying such big guns isn't the best way to assault, and Bugrit got knocked out in the fight. He woke to find the chaos marines gone, but lot's of scraps scattered around the place for him. All in all, not a bad day. He'd get his revenge on those spiky marines later. For now, he had truks to build...


  1. so victory for the orks then? congratulations and a point for tofg as well. I'm going to have to get a game at some point. any more ideas on the tournament yet.

    good battle report though. Nice to have a slightly different angle on things.

  2. Well if you're coming down for the doubles we can do it then, if not we can do it any weekend in January... so kinda dependant on you, Chris, and the doubles tournament going ahead :oS

  3. I should find out on Friday when my exam is. I've asked for a tournament pack, so whether or not I receive it anytime soon....

    As with any tournament I might consider, if I don't like the rules I won't be entering. Won't want to waste my money!