Thursday, 31 December 2009

ToFG: Month 3 Requirements

The scores for month 2 will have to wait, as for one, there are still several hours to get things finished... for another, at least one gamer is NOT going to finish in that time. *shame-faced organiser*

Luckily for me it looks like I won't be the only one, so anybody who's cutting it close, send me a pic of your completed project by tonight, you'll get full marks. Otherwise, it's midnight on the 7th for late marks. Thus expect the month 2 scores to be up on the 8th.

As for month 3, well here we go.


Rich is painting up a Defiler and a squad of possessed with a mark of nurgle. The nurgle possessed will be dropping to his apoc reserve, to be replaced by two units of 10 lesser daemons, and a lascannon equipped dread. Thus his 1500 tournament list will be what he's painted so far and the above, with the exception of his nurgle possessed and his terms, who are locked out till the apocalypse (gosh that sounds harsh doesn't it? ;oP)


Chris is mounting up, and has gone for a platoon command in Chimera, along with two squads in chimeras. He's also doing a couple commissars and a few extra men to bolster his earlier forces. He expects to have to do a little rearranging of his lines in time for the tournament, and may have to paint up some basic guardsmen to cover the heavy weapons teams, that will likely be moving to dedicated squads. Can't say I blame him, I have been playing guard for 9 years now and haven't had heavy weapons in my squads for about 8 and a half of those...


Ken is going for a small month this time, as it seems the silly sod has been overtasking himself for the past couple months. Two 5 man pathfinder teams and a hammerhead will be enough to take him to 1500 points in time for the tournament. He may paint some additional stuff if he gets the time.


And for myself, I'm going for yet another squad of boyz (the looted vehicle from last time will become a simple truk in time for the tournament) a squad of 10 burna boyz, and 2 battlewagons. With the lootas and the burnas and Bugrit riding in the battlewagons, I'll have a fully mounted army (well, with the exception of the stormboyz, and they're quick enough by themselves) which pleases me from a fluff point of view.

So there we have our month 3 requirements, I'm still finalising the exact details of our mini tournament, but Ken will be down for games on the 30th 31st of this month. If I can get the club for the sunday we can do it all together then, if not we can do it at my house and make sure Ken gets his games in at least. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Really looking forward to this tournament. Especially with it being right at the end of the month we should all have fully painted armies for it.

    As for heavy weapons in squads. Missile launchers are still my favourite, but when you're firing just one missile per squad at a vehicle the odds are not in your favour and you're losing all those lasguns. With S3 AP- you need as many shots from them as you can get. So bunching the launchers up into dedicated squads of 3 increases those odds, freeing the basic squads up for dedicated anti-infantry. I found that my lascannons were very effective in their dedicated squads, and the missile launchers will just be plain fearsome against both vehicles and infantry.

    Post-ToFG I plan to bulk the squads out with heavy bolters. I would like a fully kitted out platoon at some point, and I'm almost there already!

  2. I've still always preferred to have just an assault weapon in a basic squad. Take this loadout for example. You have a lascannon and a meltagun in the squad. There's a Land Raider just pulled up 10 inches from you. They couldn't get out and assault this turn, but next turn they'll ba all over you.

    Do you stand still for a melta gun that can glance and a lascannon that could penetrate? Or move closer for the meltagun shot that if it hits is far more likely to penetrate? I'd close for the kill myself. Likewise ina squad with a flamer and a heavy bolter. I'd pick up the bolter and move to the best flaming position. Last codex that was a wasted heavy bolter... now it's two wasted lasguns worth of fire.

    Personally I'd go for assault guardsmen every time, but I think I've always been crazy like that :oP On the bright side, against any fleet armies that are 13" away (so they can assault you, but you can't rapid fire them) I like to move forward and go full auto on them. They rarely expect that. Plus it means when the survivors assault and inevitably win combat, they're further away from my lines than they would have been if I'd held my ground.

  3. Hmm as my ToFG army is one that is allergic to flamers and can fleet once per game, maybe I shouldn't be telling you all this... :oS

  4. It is a little counter productive of you ;)

    One of the reasons I switched from Guard to Templars a few years ago was because I had a penchant for close combat. Nowadays though I like to play a much more dynamic game, which I think is needed in 5th. My month 3 requirement will give me the last component I like to have in my armies. Outflankers/deep strikers, firebase and a mobile unit. This formula has served me well in 5th, so lets see if it continues with the Guard!

    If anything I think I lack some heavy support, but I'm waiting for the new kits in March.

    I still think Heavy bolters in squads are a good idea, if you have the points available for them. Not all armies are as quick as the Orks and the new Tyranids, so the extra firepower, at long range, would help. The S5 shots are sorely needed against MEQ. The flamers are for when my enemy get too close and I can break cover to flame. I'm working on some tactics as well that seemed to work in the games I had the chance to implement it, and that's setting up in waves. Worked pretty well in our game at your house where one wave buckled and then I still had guys to shoot. Too bad I didn't kill enough :P

  5. to make the pathfinder teams legal doesnt he have to paint up 2 devilfish aswell or does he have these already?

  6. Painted them in december, well late so painting them now. :-P