Tuesday, 15 December 2009

ToFG: Look! Humies!

Bugrit was sifting through the wreckage of a crashed speeder. He'd loaded (well, yelled at the boyz to load) most of the useful bits from this battlefield onto the truks already. The lootas, who'd checked a bunker on the left and found nothing, gave a yell. There were humies on the horizon!

Revving up their engines the boyz tore off towards the startled guardsmen, still trying to dig in and set up their heavy weapons. The stormboyz and deffkoppta zipped down the right, while the lootas on the left opened fire on some lascannons that hadn't had time to get into any sort of cover yet. Bugrit charged up his shok attack gun, and fired a volley down at the guard lines. He did notice it was making some strange noises, and didn't seem quite as devastating as last time...

The guard eventually got themselves organised and opened up with some disciplined fire, taking down a couple of truks and seriously putting the hurt on one of the boyz squads. But the next turn, with a rather unneccessary Waaaaaaggggghhhh, the boyz charged into combat. The units surrounding the remains of the chapel were destroyed, leaving only the units taking shelter in the cemetary and the mortars to face.

Further disciplined firing saw more boyz cut down, and the deffkopta developed an (even more) unhealthy sounding rattle. But the boyz charged on regardless, causing horrific casualties amongst the guardsmen. The lootas must have been running low on ammo, as they yet again put out a very meagre output of shots. Bugrit fired again, but there was still that whining sound, that seemed to be increasing in pitch...

At this point the frantic humie requests for aid must have been heard, as a valkyrie swept in and went to hunt the lootas. Supporting fire stunned their vehicle, protecting the valkyrie from loota shooting fir that critical turn. The humie leader went to his mens aid, but was chased off after his squad got wiped out. Most of the boyz were down, dead or unconscious, but the Nobz were showing the few stragglers how it was done.

The lootas, lacking anything else to do, went to try to punch the aircraft (well, they ARE Orks, they aren't the sharpest tools in the box) while Bugrit tried to send some more support fire at the guard lines. But that increasing whine reached a crescendo, and the exit hole materialised over to his left, merging a couple of the lootas with snotlings, to ill effect on both sides. "Motee-vational leedership is that" thought Bugrit. (Orks spell badly in their thoughts too ;op)

The valkyrie dropped its veterans in range of Bugrit, then turned and put the lootas to flight with some punishing fire. The veterans advanced on Bugrit, planning to bring their meltaguns to bear. Bugrit picked up his glowing, whining, trembling attack gun, and as the air around him started to heat up from the meltagun fire heading his way, Bugrit gently squeezed the trigger...

The remaining Nobz wiped out the guard lines, and with vast distances seperating the remaining forces, the valkyrie went back and tried shooting the Orks, who were taking cover in the chapel and cemetary until the cowardly valkyrie got close enough to headbutt. But the guard patrol had been annihalated, the Orks had their victory!

With a sound like the millenium falcon hyperdrive failing, Bugrit emerged from a blinding flash of light. He was halfway up a mountain, in the snow, with a few scraps of land speeder and some hypothermic snotlings with him. Oh well, at least he had lunch for the long trek home. But what the hell had happened with that gun of his?!? Back to the workshop to do some more tinkering then...

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  1. sounds like it was a fun game. chris doesn't seem to be having the best of luck with his guard at the moment. at this rate I think I'm going to be lucky to get a game in before the end of the month.