Friday, 4 December 2009

A Tale Of Fantasy Gamers

Scott has recently started a skaven army (and a wood elf army, but that's another story) and has watched my TOFG with great interest. He was hoping I might do something similar for fantasy. So I put some thought into it, and here is what I came up with.

I have a summer of apocalypse in mind, so was thinking of starting a fantasy version in July. I thought I'd give you guys plenty of notice so that any of you who are thinking of starting a fantasy army can bear that in mind.

Now with Fantasy I thought arbitrary 500 point blocks wouldn't do us much good (a Lord on Dragon would be about 750 in some armies, over budget for the month and very little to paint. A couple units of skavenslaves would be about 40 models, and a mere 80 points. A busy month indeed.) So I thought of a better way to do it. We'll be building towards a 3000 point force, with a plan to have either a mini tournament or a legendary battle or perhaps a campaign at the end with our freshly painted armies. It does mean we'll have less of the interesting little things during the early stages, as it will be entirely down to the gamer to decide how much they paint and it won't likely be a legal army for several stages. On the bright side it will allow some flexibility to the individual painter, to choose to do a large month if they have plenty of free time or a smaller amount if they have other commitments.

People will be able to use this to bolster armies they have already started, and units previously painted will be eligible for the final game/tournament/campaign. Units can be painted to bolster existing forces. For instance, a unit could be painted with no command and just ten models. That will be an eligible choice for that month. If they are then added to an existing unit with full command (painted beforehand) for the final game, that is all well and good.

Will he finally get to lead a fully painted army?

The schedule would be as follows;

Month 1 - July - 1 Hero and 2 Core choices
Month 2 - August - 1 Hero, 1 Core and 1 Special
Month 3 - September - 1 Hero, 1 Special, 1 Rare
Month 4 - October - 1 Lord, 1 Core, 1 other unit (not Lord or Hero) selection
Month 5 - November - Whatever else people wish to make their armies up to 3k.
Month 6 - December - Tournament/Campaign/Legendary Battle

This way if people plan an army in advance they can plan their own schedules and paint accordingly, hopefully avoiding having too much to do in any given month. Want two 40 strong Core units and a 10 strong Core unit? Perhaps do just one of the 40 strong units in month 1, along with the 10 strong unit ;o)

Anyway, this is a long way off yet, just thought I'd put notice out there so if people are looking for a fantasy army to do after ToFG is finished, well if you hold off a few months before starting there'll another challenge to join in on!


  1. I'v tried getting into WHFB twice before and both times it's fallen on it's face. A re-release of Wood Elves would be required I think to get me interested! I just havn't ever got on with it really.

    You beat me to it though, I was going to put forward a new thing when ours was coming to an end. I've been semi-planning one where those of us who collect the more obscure things (Flames of War and Warmachine) would be able to get our armies painted, and also possibly get new people interested in our systems.

    I know Rich wants some Warmachine opponents, and I'd really like to have some Flames of War!

  2. Well I am planning an apocalyptic summer, giving three months between ToFG campaigns as things stand. Could you use that gap at all to do some recruiting?

    I'm afraid I can't help either of you, the models of Flames just don't appeal to me, and the small scale skirmish nature of Warmachine doesn't fit in with my grand spectacle love of wargaming.

    As for Fantasy, the last time you tried it you hardly got the best encouragement, perhaps a fresh start on a fluffy project will be up your street. Of course, I recognise you may still be constrained by budgetary limitations, but thought fair notice was better for anyone that might be intrigued...

  3. Well, even if I don't enter with WHFB, I could still fulfill a 500pt painting requirement for 40k ;)

    The summer is bad for me as I'm generally scrimping and scraping money. The summer just gone saw the sale of most of my collection unfortunately. This summer won't be as bad, as I'll be getting a bursary for doing this teaching thing. Next year is all dependent on where I actually am! I could be doing a PGCE at Portsmouth Uni, so I'll be fine financially. But if I'm in London doing that MSc then I can forget about buying models for 12 months haha. And then if I get on the phd I want, then I probably won't have a life anymore :P

  4. Well do keep us posted, some of us have campaigns to plan you know :oP

    Honestly kids today, always thinking of themselves and their futures...

  5. Haha will do :P

    At least I'll have a veritable force for Apoclayptic Summer!

    It feels good to be back with the Guard. There was always something missing in the other armies I collected. Its something about a lowly human with a lasgun, fighting back the enemies of the Imperium that brings a tear to the eye....

  6. Marines get all the credit. Let's see them take on the enemies of mankind wearing little more than a vest and weilding a flashlight! Not so And They Shall Know No Fear are you now? Whassa matter? Can't handle it without impenetrable armour and explosive round firing guns? Wimps! :oP

    As for summer, I'm looking at booking some leave and trying to book the club room for the 6th June... have to speak to Dave about that ;o)