Monday, 23 November 2009

Winds Of War

I've entered Winds of War 2010 at Bracknell Forest Gamers. It's a doubles combat patrol tournament. It's gonna be me and Ken as a team, whilst the other two ToFG competitors are forming another team.

After some debate about teams and available armies, it was settled that I was with Ken. As that meant I had to play Guard (neither Templars nor Tau would play with Orks - Snobs!) I designed a combat patrol. At first I thought of using my latest conversion ideas but couldn't come up with a fluffy link to tie them together. But then inspiration struck...

The new Nid codex is out in January. It is eligible for this tournament. To reflect that I expect to see at least one Nid list there (and probably a whole host of gamers abandoning their JOTWW Space Wolf Forces for whatever power list this codex throws up in the coming months) I decided to lean towards anti nids in the fluff. Thus Ken (using Templars) and I will form the team "Bug Stompers"

One of the units that is a natural contender in a combat patrol is the Penal Legion Squad. Cheap. Scoring. Stubborn. With some interesting random options. Plus, a little while ago I converted a unit of them using various bitz from Cadians, Catachans, Flagellents and even some Baneblade crew! The result is below.

I am particularly happy that I had enough flagellent chains to put ankle shackles on each convict, and a little key for the Custodians belt. The guy in the stocks has clearly inspired the Custodians wrath in some way, and I intend to paint a target on the banner to really bring the point home. That'll teach him to say the custodian looks like the back of a Grox!

Anyway, I've converted up another unit of these crazed thugs, giving me two cheap stubborn scoring units that, depending on what they roll, could prove excellent at defending a position, or could prove quite nasty in assault.

Working purely from fluff, I designed the rest of my army. Admittedly the priest and convicts form one element of the army while the rest of the army form another, and there isn't really a logical reason to link them... but when I reveal the background fluff no one can accuse me of not following the inspiration exactly. ;o)

As mentioned, the convicts also have a priest. He does lack the ability to outflank, so if I want to outflank they'll have to go without him. But if I wish to set up conventionally he will prove a useful asset. Plus there wasn't much else to spend the spare points on - tactically I could think of better lists, but as I said I'm working from fluff on this one.

Anyway, the rest of the army consists of a bunch of Storm Troopers I'm converting up from Cadians, with a couple plasma guns to compliment their AP3 lasguns (I working from fluff but I'm not completely gonna screw myself :oP) They have a chimera to ride in, meaning the deep strike asset is pointless. So whichever of the other two options I take, they can outflank. Along with the entire force, excepting the Priest. Told you religious types had no friends...

Finally, I have a Scout Sentinal with heavy flamer. I've converted this model extensively and am quite proud of it. Photos will follow at some point, along with work on the Storm Troopers.

For now, given this project will run concurrently with ToFG, wish me luck :oS

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